Meet the societies: Warwick Business School Society (WBSS)

25 May 2017

Warwick Business School Society (WBSS) introduce their Buddy Scheme and discuss the beneifts for both mentees and mentors.

WBSS is the largest independent society on campus and is soon to be your go-to community for both social and corporate events at Warwick. One of our highly-successful programmes is the Buddy Scheme. It establishes an effective, friendly and structured channel of communication between first years who are not yet accustomed to life and study at Warwick, and second and third-years who have experienced it all themselves and are eager to share their thoughts and insights. 

All of our mentors are trained by a professional coach from Warwick Business School. Their efforts have received an extensive amount of positive feedback from the 40 mentees who have found their ‘buddies’ in the 2016/17 academic year. Jimena Yanez, a first-year student from Spain said: “Having a mentor to help me transition into University life, gave me a truly helpful insight into how to balance my academics and social life, and simply was a friendly face to turn to.”

Jimena’s ‘buddy’, a third-year student, Jessica Pearce said: “As a mentor, the opportunity to get to know people like Jimena, who has come such a long way since her first few days at Warwick, has given me a chance to share my knowledge of life at Warwick whilst simultaneously developing meaningful friendships across various degrees and years.” 

Every fresher who signs up for our scheme will be assigned to a mentor who best reflects the new-comer’s background, interests, personality and career-path. If you are unsatisfied with your ‘buddy’, you will be able to select a different one. If you are still wondering, all of this is offered completely free of charge.

If you wish to find yourself a mentor for the upcoming 2017/18 academic year or just want to ask any questions about Warwick in the next few months, feel free to email or go on to your course Offer Holder Facebook Group. We are always here to help.

If you wish to apply to become an executive of WBSS and organise weekly social/corporate events, vastly improving your teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills, find us around campus during the first couple of weeks and look out for news about our autumn recruitment. We would love to hear from you.

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