Meet the societies: Warwick Entrepreneurs

05 December 2017

In this meet the society blog, we talk to Shalini Hadpawat, third year student studying BSc Management with Marketing and Vice President at Warwick Entrepreneurs.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, the idea of start-ups and working towards them has always sounded enticing to me. Partaking in Warwick Apprentice 2016, a competition based on the popular TV show, provided me with immense opportunities. Not only was I able to participate in National Apprentice and the HSBC Seed funding competition, but I was also able to further develop the winning idea and work towards starting it.

During the experience I was able to develop my confidence, which encouraged me to become part of the Warwick Entrepreneurs society. The overall experience was enjoyable as well as eye-opening as I got an insight into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and learnt the importance of sheer precision and efficiency. Warwick Apprentice, which is hosted by the Warwick Entrepreneurs society, is now recognized as the largest entrepreneurial competition in the UK.

Founded in 2006, the Warwick Entrepreneurs society aims to provide students with a platform to showcase their ideas and develop them through interacting with other entrepreneurs. Our vision this year is to enable members to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through our events and support them in bringing their ideas to life. We desire to cater to the needs of not just business school students but the rest of the university community and provide them with eye-opening and captivating experiences.

Warwick Entrepreneurs Summit


We held our first entrepreneurial summit on the 25 November 2017 in which we invited 5 entrepreneurs who gave the audience an insight into their journey to success. Workshops were organized to give students an opportunity to engage with the speakers and shed a new light on entrepreneurial skills that the students could use to benefit their future career. We organized workshops like Snapchat Marketing, Crypto Currency and growth for SME’s.

We are grateful for having Warwick Business School as one of our major partners and being part of the WBS-led Warwick Entrepreneurship Professional Network and participating in organizing events that brings together WBS alumni, our members as well as successful entrepreneurs. During the fresher’s fair, we had a stall in the WBS building which attracted a range of students and enabled us to gain new members.

Warwick Entrepreneurs offers the opportunity for students in both undergraduate and postgraduate study to work on their start-up idea, and get feedback by successful entrepreneurs. In January 2018 we will be hosting the next Warwick Apprentice, this is open to all students and the winners will get £1,000 and the chance to work on their start up idea.

Warwick Entrepreneurs is free to join. You can find out more about us on our website or on our Facebook page.