My experience on the Student Staff Liaison Committee

01 September 2023

Undergraduate alumni Benjamin shares how being the Student Staff Liaison Committee Chair (SSLC) for Warwick Business School has enriched his university experience.

Hello, I'm Benjamin, and in the academic years ending 2022 and 2023, I had the incredible privilege of being the Student Staff Liaison Committee Chair (SSLC) for Warwick Business School (along with Alessio and Ten in the years respectively). Throughout my university experience, the SSLC played a vital role within the Business School and across the university by amplifying student voices and enhancing the student experience.

The SSLC is a student-run committee that facilitates meetings to address student issues and concerns, fostering meaningful dialogue between students and staff. These meetings always aimed to represent the different views of a diverse student body, driving positive changes that improve the student experience for all.

Volunteering for the SSLC (alongside the 30+ course representatives across the entire cohort) allowed me to help contribute to decisions that affected all WBS Undergraduate students. During my chair position, we actively engaged in crucial matters: from allowing exam resubmissions through my.wbs portal and module design changes to advocating for the best interests of fellow students regarding pricing concerns across campus and the design of workspaces within the WBS building. One significant achievement was establishing the SSLC's social media presence, providing the committee an additional platform to voice students' opinions and concerns.

Additionally, I was kindly afforded the opportunity to aid in shaping the WBS Module Fair for my final two years at the business school, a large undergraduate event attended by students from various disciplines within The University of Warwick. By collaborating with student volunteers and staff, I was able to help the event's success and ensure that students' needs were met based on my past shared experiences with other students.

Beyond my role in the SSLC, I was part of various initiatives. I co-created the Year Away Lifecycle student consultations for final-year students, identifying key improvement opportunities to ensure that diverse student experiences were considered. Moreover, I served as a student panellist on the WBS Teaching Academy, engaged in numerous community events, ran SSLC taster sessions for potential course-rep applicants, presented to over 1000 first-year students in Butterworth Hall, participated in the WBS Employer/Alumni consultation group, and contributed to various committees focused on sustainability, closing the awarding gap within higher education, student experience, ED&I, and undergraduate course design. Students participating in activities like these improve the university experience for peers and enrich students' skills and personal growth - the university community is filled with diverse student volunteers and staff, all contributing to shaping a vibrant and inclusive campus culture (learning from each other).

Now that I have graduated, the skills I acquired during my time at Warwick Business School continue to be hugely beneficial. Running large meetings as the SSLC Chair helped boost my confidence and honed my leadership abilities, skills that will continue to be useful in graduate work and beyond.

Giving back to the university community during my studies was a deeply fulfilling experience, and I encourage all students to explore opportunities for involvement: from student voice and ED&I to joining committees. By doing so, we not only create a positive impact on campus and meet new people but also actively build upon the essential skills that will shape our personal and professional lives for years to come.