My first year at WBS - Sneha's Experience

01 June 2020

In this blog, current first year undergraduate Sneha recaps how her time at WBS has been so far and discusses how she has developed her independence, met people from around the globe and stepped out of her comfort zone.

Hi everyone, I am Sneha Shah and I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I am currently in my first year studying BSc Accounting & Finance at Warwick Business School. Reflecting back on how my first year has been so far, I would say studying at WBS has been insightful, enriching, and simply incredible.

Looking back to when I first arrived on campus, I had a mix of feelings as I was moving away from home for the first time. I was excited, nervous, confused but really energised to start a new chapter of my life and develop my career options. My emotions were high as saying goodbye to my parents made me feel very nostalgic. Aside from that, the university felt very welcoming and pleasant as it is a huge campus with lots of space, greenery, and amazing views. It definitely gave out a cosmopolitan vibe. One of the best parts about my first year experience was meeting so many new people from different countries and cultures who you can have an instant connection with, as everyone is experiencing university for the first time.

Warwick campus Moving overseas to the UK meant that I did feel homesick, especially at the start of the academic year, but it was not going to be something that held me back from making the most of this experience. I’ve had the chance to take part in activities and societies that were out of my comfort zone and this has kept me busy as I was able to explore new hobbies outside of studying. I found ways of making my new accommodation space feel like home (I've included a great photo of the sunset outside my accommodation) and I would experiment by creating different types of meals to cook which was quite therapeutic. Planning trips to different cities for a weekend getaway was also an excellent way of exploring the UK. The campus itself has quite a few restaurants, cafes, and bars to socialise with friends and have a great time. There is always a bunch of things for you to do at Warwick. Nevertheless, I’m so grateful for technology so I can video call my parents whenever I am feeling homesick.

Sneha on bike at Warwick Campus I chose to study at WBS because it is undoubtedly one of the best business schools in the world. They have a global reputation and their Accounting & Finance course is one of the highest ranked in the UK. I visited the University of Warwick before deciding to join WBS, and I could only see myself studying there. WBS’s CORE values are curiosity, openness, restlessness, and excellence, I felt that their values encourage an independent, collaborative, and innovative learning culture. I must say, choosing to study at WBS has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

During my course, alongside studying accounting and finance related modules I had the opportunity to study other disciplines such as Economics, Business law, Management, Statistics, and even Data Analytics. In fact, what appealed to me within the course was that WBS offered students the opportunity to adapt their studies, you could follow the accounting or finance specialism or combine both which provided me with the flexibility to study what I am most interested in within the course. So far, the modules have been intellectually challenging but really interesting.

WBS building The WBS CareersPlus team have already supported me during my first year; this started with a successful CV and cover letter guidance session. Not only have they supported me in person, but also through emails with prompt replies and valued guidance. Additionally, I have also been able to access the WBS CareersPlus social media pages on LinkedIn and Facebook where I can access further support, placements & internship opportunities, and useful resources to help build my skills levels.

My first year university experience so far has been rewarding. I overcame my fears, met so many people from so many different countries and cultures, and gained essential skills throughout the year to allow me to continue to develop throughout my degree. The biggest surprise to me personally was how independent I was to make my own choices, take full control over how I use my time and taking ownership of my own education.

To those who are considering coming to study at WBS, go for it! You will not regret the experience. There are a vast amount of opportunities available to WBS students including meeting top professionals in the industry through employer events, networking opportunities, guest speakers, skills workshops, and a very supportive careers service. WBS encourages diversity, leadership, and thought-provoking work. As long as you are committed, your degree at the WBS will definitely be worth it.

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