My top tips on moving to the UK to start university

14 February 2022

In this blog undergraduate ambassador, Anushree shares her top tips on moving to the UK to start university.

Leaving your home country for the first time, and moving away from friends and family to study in a different country is overwhelming, exciting, and challenging. From figuring out the way best way to travel from the airport to university, collecting the keys to your accommodation, to the first sight of the university campus is an experience in itself. However with the help of the University of Warwick's Student Immigration and Compliance team my experience of moving to the UK was hassle-free. In this blog I want to share some of my top tips on what it’s like moving to the UK to start university.

Make sure you’re prepared

Before arriving in the UK to begin your university education, interact with current students about their experience and get some tips from them on how they eased their transition to university life. You can get a great idea of what student life is like and what you should bring with you by speaking to them. Furthermore, check the UK government website to find out what documentation you need to bring with you when you first arrive in the UK for example your student visa. You can also contact the University of Warwick’s Student Immigration and Compliance Team who will be able to give you lots of support and advice.  Finally, create a checklist of the things you need to take with you when packing your suitcase.

Settle into your surroundings

Your first week at university is all about exploring the campus, settling into your accommodation, and familiarising yourself with the community and opportunities available at Warwick. In the beginning, you may struggle to reach a particular location or face some personal concerns, therefore make the most of the many support services available to you on campus such as the Residential Life Team, International Student Office, and the Wellbeing Support Services. Take the opportunity to meet and interact with people from different countries during the Welcome Week events which will help you settle into your new environment. I would also recommend that you get involved in any activities available on campus both online and in person so you can identify where your interests lie and what societies, sports clubs or volunteering activities you may wish to be involved with during your first year. Last but not least, don’t forget to collect your residence permit card and open a student bank account as soon as you join university.

Adapting to a different education system

Every university has its own unique teaching and grading system, and each department may have a different evaluation system. If you are able to it’s a good idea to educate yourself on this before you join university such as familiarising yourself with the assignments for each module and the examination structure. Be curious and ask questions as your lecturers and tutors will be able to answer any questions you have to help you feel more prepared. There are a lot of resources available to get a better grip on the subject you are studying and to develop your understanding of the module. Therefore, utilise them to achieve your desired grades.

Manage your time effectively

Apart from your academic studies, there are lots of opportunities to involve yourself in different activities at Warwick. You can be part of a society or sport club, you can attend academic and cultural events to widen your student network, or you can become a volunteer to serve a noble cause. By participating in extra-curricular activities you help to create a balance between your studies and your social life whilst gaining confidence, broadening your horizons and enhancing your skill set.

The abundance of resources and support available to students joining the University of Warwick is truly great. You will gain experience of studying among a diverse community, you will have the opportunity to live independently and developing yourself both personally and professionally making the transition to university an enjoyable one.

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