Proud to be a WBS alum: Aanya's Undergraduate Experience

21 December 2020

In this blog, Aanya discusses how her degree has prepared her for her future and how the WBS CareersPlus team go above and beyond to support you no matter if you are a current student or graduate.

Hello, I am Aanya, a recent graduate from Warwick Business School (WBS), University of Warwick. I completed my Bachelors in Management with Marketing and I am currently working as a Marketing Associate at Mutual Mobile. My three years at WBS can be summed up in just three words - intense, humbling and heartfelt. There is nothing more true and real than being at Warwick. I have seen myself succeed, fail, and pick up right from where I began. I have encountered experiences that have made me this dedicated, hard-working, and honest person that I am today.

I grew up in India and while growing up, I was always keen to understand how enterprises are set-up from ground zero. As a child, I would always imagine myself establishing a company that would encourage a purpose. As I grew older, I started to develop an interest in how businesses operate, how they compile their financial statements and marketing plans, as well as what makes them successful. All of this led me to choose to study BSc Management, a degree which allows you to develop an understanding of how businesses operate while giving you the opportunity to adapt the course based on your interests.

During my three years at WBS, I gained a multi-cultural exposure that helped me to understand how local culture impacts business practices around the globe. I particularly enjoyed my time at the Warwick Summer Internship program (WSI) that enabled me not only to get an internship at a leading start-up in the UK and feed my curiosity of understanding how enterprises work at a deeper level, but also allowed me to develop long lasting friendships and connections.

Warwick never failed to surprise me. When IAanya look back on my time at Warwick, apart from the friendships and relationships I have made here, I could only think about the incredible professors and career services this university has. I say this because both the WBS and Warwick careers services have been a solid backbone for supporting me and my career prospects since day one. I still remember distinctly how WBS had organised a careers fair and I had never interacted with potential employers face to face before. While I was scared and my heart raced each time I lifted my voice - not for joy, but rather because I heard my choppy words stumble out like an irregular drumbeat. I hated my stutter, but I loved to talk and had resolved never to let go of an opportunity out of fear. I added this event to my schedule. For the next couple of days, I kept in touch with one of the WBS CareersPlus coaches and he helped me improve my cadence, remove filler words, and utilise strategic pauses. It is incredible how I am an alumnus now and I still can utilise WBS’s splendid career service. After losing my graduate role due to Covid-19, another brilliant coach from the WBS CareersPlus team helped me rework my CV, prepare for interviews and was always there boosting my morale.

Another thing that I enjoyed at WBS was its small class sizes at the seminars and lectures, which truly gave me a better learning experience and the opportunity to create a mentorship with the professors. As I look back I realised, the real-life examples, group projects and simulations enabled a learning environment which helped me capture and retain more information and better prepare me for my future in the workforce.

Over the last three years, it was because of Warwick that I was able to explore so many cities in England and countries, including Malta. Visiting and exploring such places was not only therapeutic but also a great way to feed my curiosity about exploring different cultures. Along my way, I saw my friends, professors and colleagues turn into my family - from attending my first conference at Warwick to scoring the highest possible marks in my cohort for an International Marketing module.

You also get the chance to take part inAanya outside a castle activities and societies as an undergraduate at Warwick, and the university allows students to not only explore new hobbies outside of studying but also build themselves holistically. Trust me when I say this, WBS really does establish its culture around its CORE values; personally I have developed tremendously within my curiosity, openness and restlessness and it has helped me come a long way.

I feel a sense of pride when I look back because I learnt by doing and took full advantage of the opportunities WBS provided. For any student thinking about coming to WBS, you should definitely do it! The professors here are extremely knowledgeable and have real-world experience. I have truly enjoyed my time here and have learnt so much that will benefit me throughout my future.

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