Sanskruti's top tips on what to do during your first few weeks on campus

10 October 2022

BSc International Management with Finance student ambassador, Sanskruti shares her top tips on what you should do during your first few weeks on campus.

Joining a university that is based in a different country can seem daunting. Being from India, I was also really scared about joining Warwick due to various reasons like how will I make friends, how will I live by myself, will I like my course, will I find a job and the list goes on…However, I knew that to fully immerse into university life I would need to step out of my comfort zone and engage with whatever university life had to offer. Based on my personal experiences, I would like to share a few tips about how you can make your first week on campus extremely fulfilling.

Before coming to university

  • Fresher’s Facebook groups – there are lots of Facebook groups ran by students where you can find out what’s going to be happening during Welcome week. You can find out about lots of events that are going on, as well as discovering lots of new and exciting societies and sports clubs that you can join once you arrive at Warwick. This provides you with a great opportunity to get to know people with similar interests and create a social circle that might last for a long time.

During Welcome Week

  • Campus tours - Warwick has a huge campus and it might be difficult to find out where your classes are if you haven’t visited the campus before so I would recommend that join a campus so you can familiarise yourself with the campus identify which buildings you will be studying in.
  • Join a sport club or society - With over hundreds of different sports clubs and societies available at Warwick, you need to work out which ones you wish to join. Societies usually hold elections in the first few weeks of term, so by creating a list of societies you are interested in you can make sure you are best placed to become part of them. Societies also provide a great opportunity to start networking with companies and potential future employers.
  • Socialise - When I joined university I found myself being mainly surrounded by people from my home country so that I didn’t feel so far away from home. However, Warwick is home to international students from over 150 countries and therefore I would recommend that you push yourself to meet new people and learn about their culture. You can do this by socialising with your flatmates, course mates or by attending events organised by the Global Connections Community. As part of this community, you get to meet students from all over the world and there are lots of exciting trips you can sign up for to visit different cities across the UK.
  • Stay healthy - Mental and physical health are essential to ensure that you have a fulfilling university experience. Make sure you contact the Warwick Wellbeing Team if you feel you need support, and you can also make use of the state of the art Sports and Wellness Hub on campus to keep you physically fit and healthy whilst you’re at university.
  • Enjoy - Finally, do not forget to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. The University of Warwick has something to offer for everyone. Along with all the socialising you will find yourself doing make sure you also take time out to focus on yourself. My final piece of advice would be to not long make the most of your first few weeks at university, but also make the most of every single day.

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