Sneha's exam preparation checklist

28 March 2022

BSc Accounting & Finance ambassador, Sneha shares the important things you need to remember when preparing for your exams.

Exam season is fast approaching, and therefore it’s very important for you to plan and prepare yourself as well as you can. When it comes to preparing for exams, I consider myself to be well organised however, I have not always found it easy to prepare for my exams. During my university experience, I have learned methods that have helped me prepare for my exams in a more organised way which I am going to share with you in this blog.

  1. Prepare in advance – As much as you may have heard this, it is so important to commit to a timetable so that you set aside enough time to prepare yourself for your exams. Prioritise which modules require your attention first. Starting early will help you clear any doubts or queries that you may want to clarify with your tutor before you begin revising. Before you start studying, be sure to organise your notes, seminar worksheets, and revision papers. By knowing where all the information is that you require to revise for your exams, you will be able to make the most of your revision time.
  2. Teaching – One of the best ways that I make sure I understand the module information is by ensuring that what I am studying I am able to communicate to a third person and make them understand the overall module concepts and theories. This has been one of my most effective methods as I have avoided writing pages and pages of revision notes and instead I’ve focused on making sure I understand the key module concepts, enabling me to retain the information more easily.
  3. Create the best learning environment for you - Look for or create a study space that suits your needs. If you like to study in a quiet environment on your own you may choose to study in one of the 24-hour study rooms or the library. Alternatively, if you prefer some background noise when you’re studying you could try one of the coffee shops on campus. If you’re studying online, you can create a study space in your accommodation that works for you.
  4. Focus on your personal and physical health – It can be so easy to spend all your time simply studying, however it is important to respect your personal health and do something you enjoy away from your studies which can help you to relax. It is important to work hard, but while doing so, it’s equally useful to take proper study breaks so that you don’t burn out or suffer from anxiety or stress. 
  5. Plan your exam day - Make sure you get everything ready well in advance of your exam. Check all the rules and requirements and plan your time well by doing past papers under examination rules so that you are able to learn how to manage your time for the actual exam.

Overall, exam season can be a stressful time, so it is best to be prepared so that you feel as confident as possible for each exam that you take. Plan your revision schedule, practice revision techniques, and make the most of your revision time so that you feel confident when it eventually comes to taking your exams.

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