Student Insight: What is it like being a WBS fresher?

17 December 2018

A question that goes through everyone's mind when thinking about going to University, 'What is it like being a first year student?' We've asked our WBS Undergraduates to reflect on their experience to give you an insight into fresher life at the University of Warwick.

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Martin Ginesta
BSc Management

I would be lying if I said the rankings weren’t the first thing that attracted me to WBS. Beyond league tables, I also have two siblings who graduated from Warwick; one 14 years ago, and the other around 5 years ago. With its prestige and my family members’ recommendations, I knew Warwick would be a great pick.

Additionally, I didn’t want to study in London. While it is a great city, I felt that going to a more campus-based university would allow me to integrate better. Looking back, the only thing I was apprehensive about was fitting in because I knew that there wouldn’t be flocks of Chileans around me! The same goes for my international friends; seeing that only a handful of kids from my school applied to the UK, my fear of not finding like-minded people was definitely present.

Luckily, these fears were put to rest on arrival as everyone was welcoming, no matter their course, year at university or nationality. Since then, I have made some amazing friends and cannot help but smile when thinking back to my initial anxiety. I know many applicants share this sentiment, but take it from an international kid far from home - you’re going to be alright.

Maria Heredia
BSc International Management

It is undeniable that Warwick has a great reputation, consistently topping UK league tables and internationally as well - particularly WBS, which is what originally made me want to come and visit during the open days. After looking around five or six universities in the UK, I was certain that Warwick was the place where I wanted to spend the next four years. Having been here for nearly two months, I can confidently say that choosing WBS was the right choice for me and I can’t imagine studying anywhere else!

One of the reasons that led me to my decision is that my course, International Management, covers a wide range of business related areas. This is what I was looking for since I’m not sure what I want to do when I graduate. Even though we don’t have choice over which modules we study in our first year, there are so many modules to choose from in second year and I am certain I will find some that I find interesting. I am also studying French alongside my course, which I love, and I will be able to do it for credits next year.

Another thing that attracted me to Warwick is the campus. I love being within walking distance of all my lectures as well as two minutes away from the SU - it means I can sleep more in the mornings!

If I were to give a WBS fresher advice for next year, it would be to take any opportunities they get given - go to any events, whether they’re social or academic, because WBS has so much to offer. There’s something out there for everyone, and this way you’ll get to meet so many people with similar interests to you! Personally, I have made some amazing friends since I arrived, and I know they will be a part of my life for many, many years.

Mary Mickeler
BSc Management

What attracted me to Warwick was the mix between academic excellence and an inclusive and caring community. Not only is WBS one of the best business schools in the UK but it also has a very open-minded and international background which I thought was the best fit for me - an international community. As I have studied in both the French and American system I was worried that the English system was going to be very different to what I’m used to, but WBS resources have made it very easy to adapt to the new learning style. My advice to freshers? Work at the Rootes Learning Grid and party with the Warwick Business School Society!

Yuuki Larrieu Lahargue
BSc International Management

As the child of French and Japanese parents who work as expatriates, I have had the opportunity to live around the world in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai. Although I grew up in Asia, I studied in the French system, which has opened me up to the Western world. I knew that in the UK I was going to be able to continue the same diverse lifestyle and with a network of over 42,000 graduates and students covering over 140 nationalities, WBS really connects the world.

Currently, my favourite thing about studying at WBS are the extra-curricular activities. I’m an executive member of the marketing department for the Warwick Business School Society (WBSS). Even amongst my colleagues, there are more than 6 different nationalities. Just last week we had a hedge fund over and currently I am planning the strategy for our end of term party. This allows me to directly apply what I learn in my course, making me even more ready for the real world.

As a fresher, I encourage you to be outgoing and don’t be scared to approach other first years or even finalists; everyone here is kind and accepting. Overall, to have the best time at Warwick, make the most of all the opportunities that you are given, academic and extra-curricular.

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