Student Support at Warwick Business School

01 March 2018

In this student ambassador blog, Yasmine Lemrani Alaoui discusses some of the student support services that we have on campus.

Career Support

Within the first few weeks of term one we learnt about the WBS CareersPlus team, I am now in my second year studying BSc Management and have used the service on multiple occasions for career advice. WBS CareersPlus are separate to the University of Warwick Careers service and are solely for WBS students. I'm always amazed by the number of events organised by WBS in order to promote career opportunities to their students. In all honesty, the career counselling at WBS is quite remarkable.

I made a point to attend as many career events as possible during my first year so that I could gain insight into different career sectors. Not only are these events useful to explore different career pathways but they also allow students to network with employers. In order to acquire or develop this crucial skill, it is necessary to attend networking events and career fairs. Having visited a range of careers fairs so far, I can say that this type of event is the best way to practice your networking skills. You get the chance to meet employers in both a relaxed and informal environment. The employers at these events are always friendly so there is no need to feel nervous.

Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Before discussing the different mental support channels available, I just wanted to shed a light on the support provided by academics. WBS provides a number of channels for students to have their say. Being the Chair of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), I have realised how much effort every member of staff invests regularly to listen to the student body and act upon the issues we raise. The SSLC is a committee made up of student representatives and staff, which gives the students a chance to discuss ideas and solve any issues that relate to student support or teaching. Although the students at these meetings are elected by their peers to be a ‘Course Rep’, there are also many opportunities for other students to join the debate and make an impact in the SSLC. Overall, I would say that this position enabled me to contribute to the continuous improvement of WBS and strengthen my communication and public speaking skills as I hold two meetings per term with academics and students. It gives me great personal satisfaction to be able to represent the student body at these meetings.

We also have our annual flagship event – the Module Fair at the end of term 2 which enables you to explore the modules’ content from both staff and students perspectives. Not only that, but as every WBS subject group will have their own stand at the Fair, with information available from both members of staff and students who undertook the modules, this Fair is the best way to ask questions in a relaxed environment.

Last but not least, I wanted to speak about the mental health support that is available to students. It is really important to see what kind of support is available within university as you should feel comfortable and open to talking about your concerns. While being away from family and friends from back home, it is important to make sure that you take care of your own mental health. Despite the fact that university is a valuable experience, it can be quite an intense one. Among the different support channels, Nightline (which is open from 9pm to 9am) provides great a confidential support service. Not only can you ring or email them but you can also drop by their building located on campus. It is important to be able to speak out loud about the issues you are facing, the Nightline does a great job with students and would never push you to say anything if you do not feel comfortable sharing personal issues. They also make sure to promote other universal helplines and organisations that can be useful if you looking for a specific kind of support or if you are unsure about who to contact about the issues you are facing.

Warwick Business School and The University of Warwick have a great student support system set up and I would definitely recommend making the most of it whether that be discussing your career ambitions with WBS CareersPlus or contacting a support channel if you need some advice.

You can find out more about the student support services available here