The best things to do in Coventry

01 June 2023

Undergraduate student Kenny shares the best things to do in our surrounding area of Coventry during her spare time.

In 2022, Coventry has voted the 5th best city for students by QS World University Rankings, which is no surprise considering that it consists of two large universities, creating a student population of 33,000. The city has made a name for itself by being home to a diverse range of restaurants, museums, parks and other student-friendly recreational activities. Below are some of my favourite things to do in Coventry.

Firstly, the city centre has many restaurants that may suit anyone’s mood or tastebuds. For instance, if you are in the mood for some Caribbean food, then why not dine at the Turtle Bay restaurant? Or if you are craving an Asian dish, I highly recommend going to Fairfax Street which houses restaurants of Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese origin. Coventry is known as the City of Culture so I’m very confident that students will find an array of dining places that will fancy their tastebuds. Moreover, because Coventry is full of students you are likely to find that restaurants often offer student discounts. Coventry also has many beautiful parks such as War Memorial Park and Spencer Park where you could have a picnic with friends.

Another reason why Coventry has been named the City of Culture is that it has multiple museums that you can visit. Depending on your interests, you can visit the Herbert Gallery, the Midland Air Museum, the Coventry Transport Museum, Warwick Castle or the Coventry Cathedral ruins. I would suggest dedicating a whole day to visiting these landmarks to appreciate the city’s history.

Additionally, a fun place that I like to occasionally go to is The Wave Waterpark which is indoors and holds the title of having the largest wave pool in the UK. If you enjoy the adrenaline of sliding down huge waterslides or want an opportunity to swim regardless of the weather, then I propose visiting the large waterpark.

Moreover, if ice skating is a hobby of yours or something you are interested in learning then I recommend booking a time slot at Planet Ice which has a large ice rink for skating. Better yet, you could join the Warwick Ice Skating Club which hosts sessions at Planet Ice to bring together students who have a love for ice skating.

In addition, an interesting place worth going to is The Boom Battle Bar which hosts a variety of games you could play with your friends such as mini golf, beer pong, axe throwing shuffleboard and augmented reality darts. Moreover, Escape Live, which offers timed escape rooms, is a great option for an afternoon out with a group of friends.

Last but certainly not least, I encourage keeping an eye out for any temporary activities that may be held in the city centre. On holidays such as Easter and Christmas, you may find a holiday-themed marketplace, amusement rides, a circus or even a skating rink. So if you want to take a small break away from studying, I recommend exploring more of Coventry starting with these places.

If you're interested in more areas in Coventry visit the Visit Coventry website, or if you'd like more information on campus-based events and attractions see our Life at WBS page.

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