The top questions to ask at an Undergraduate Open Day

04 October 2021

In this blog, BSc International Management student Evelina has prepared her top questions to make sure you can make the most out of attending an Undergraduate Open Day, whether that be online or in person.

If you are reading this, it could possibly mean that you are looking to enrol onto one of the undergraduate courses at Warwick Business School or that you already have which is very exciting! Attending university can be one of the most daunting but also exciting experiences. Leaving home for the first time, exploring a new city (or even country) and meeting lots of new people can be overwhelming for many. So how can you ensure that the city, course and the university as a whole will fit you as a person? As an Undergraduate Recruitment & Experience Ambassador, I assist with open days for WBS on a very regular basis, and some of the questions that our visitors or prospective students ask are definitely worth taking note of!

Whether the open day is held on campus or online, most of the sessions and campus tours are assisted by student ambassadors. Therefore, the first thing to remember is – ask the academics and professional staff anything that the website does not answer, but also get the absolute most out of the students.

Questions to ask the academics and professional staff


One of the most important questions to ask is what if I do not quite get the grades that you ask for? Another question you can also ask is, is it worth applying for more than just one course? You can then assess the possibilities of fulfilling the requirements or see where you stand if your results day does not go as planned. I would also advise to enquire about what to include in your personal statement. Every university has its own expectations and is aiming to give offers to students who best align with its values.


Even though the university has dedicated pages for many topics, you should still make sure you ask about the options for living on- and off-campus, and whether accommodation on campus is guaranteed? Due to the current situation with COVID-19 I have noticed that many students often ask about the health facilities that are available on campus, what the current situation is in terms of lecture and seminar attendance, and how the university has and continues to support students through these uncertain times.


I believe that the questions that help you assess the fit of the university are about the course itself. So remember to ask questions like; how many students will be on the course, what is the structure of the course, what flexibility does the course offer in terms of elective modules? These sorts of questions will help you to understand whether the course is the right fit for you. Personally, the first question I asked when attending the open day at WBS was if there was an opportunity to take a placement year as part of my course as I knew before starting university that this was something I wanted to do.


Lastly, the WBS CareersPlus team have brilliant connections with prospective employers and are very knowledgeable about where WBS alumni are now working. Therefore do not forget to enquire with them about what future career opportunities there could be for you if you decide to study a particular course at WBS.

Questions to ask the student ambassadors


I am often asked why I chose to study at WBS. Many universities offer the same or very similar courses, therefore by speaking to the student ambassadors we can give you our personal reasons which can help you make up your mind straight away. Also, don’t be shy and remember to ask them to share some tips from when they applied. Some useful questions you can ask could be; what is their favourite thing about being a WBS student, how do they find their workload, what sort of academic support is available? Lastly, a good question that I have been asked before is what can I do during the holidays if I am an international student? Whether you decide to go home during the holidays or whether you decided to stay and explore other cities you will find that the student ambassadors will be able to give you lots of useful tips and advice.

University life

Current students and graduates are the best people to seek advice from regarding societies, volunteering, activities and daily life. Ask them to tell you more about the societies that they are part of, what volunteering opportunities they have been involved with, what the costs of living is, and what they do in their free time. If you are particularly interested in a sport or have some specific hobbies, they can tell you more about society fees and sports centre memberships.


Make sure you ask some questions about campus, particularly if you are unable to visit the campus in person. You could ask about the job opportunities available for students on campus, where they usually eat, what other facilities there are on campus apart from the library. These types of questions are really good to ask during a campus tour as ambassadors will often be able to show their favourite spots to socialise, grab a coffee, where to study etc.

Their future plans

Finally, to see how WBS has helped students achieve their goals and dreams it’s a good idea to talk to them about their plans for after graduation. You could also ask about the support they have received from the WBS CareersPlus team, and how easy was it for them to secure a job, or are they planning on doing a postgraduate degree?

I hope you found these tips useful and we hope you will become a part of our community very soon!

If you do have any questions or queries you can always contact our Undergraduate Recruitment Team via email at

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