The transition from school to university

29 January 2018

In this student ambassador blog, Milica Scepanovic discusses her journey starting at Warwick Business School and what she enjoys most about university life.

The transition from school to university was a large step for me for many reasons. As an overseas student, I had to get used to living in the UK and speaking English most of the time. Many international students feel unsecure about their language at the beginning and may stick with people of their own nationality or avoid talking to others. Those who feel this way should always remember that the majority of us feel the same way and no one will judge you if you make mistakes, we are all happy to make new connections and explore the world through friendships with diverse people. One thing I love about Warwick Business School (WBS) is the fact that there is a large proportion of international students, so no matter what your background is, you will always feel as a part of the society. It was particularly helpful for me, because although I am the only person from my country in WBS, I managed to make many friends on my course with people who share the same interests and have lived similar lives as me, but in some other parts of the world.

For most of us, starting university is the first time we will be living on our own, which can be daunting. Warwick has many options for on-campus accommodation in the first year, so you do not have to stress about living arrangements. Also, it is really convenient that everything is near by. Living with your peers is a lot different to living with your parents, as you spend the most of the time together studying, cooking, or socialising in the common areas. Although the life may seem more demanding, as there are many everyday responsibilities that you probably did not have back at home, such as cleaning, grocery shopping, or doing your laundry, you get used to doing these things and they become less of a burden. After a month, I found myself ironing while listening to a video lecture. Living on my own also made me realise that I enjoy cooking a lot, which became my favourite hobby. I cooked for the first time when I was a fresher and by the summer vacation I became famous among other students for my specialties.

The main reason I chose WBS is its reputation for their Undergraduate degrees, I'm currently in my second year completing BSc Accounting & Finance. I did not have much knowledge of the subject before I came here, since all my high school subjects were focused on maths and sciences, but I was determined to study it and pursue a career in business. It was not easy at the beginning, but the university offered a lot of help through workshops, drop-in sessions and online materials. There are also first year modules to help us with transition into university looking into areas such as Harvard Referencing. 

I find studying at the university a lot different from studying at high school, mainly because of the modules that I do. The modules at Warwick Business School involve a lot of reading and independent research, which is great for curious people such as myself. You will spend a lot of time at the library, reading journal articles, newspapers, or browsing the internet, as a part of preparation for seminars, assignments and final exams. Although seminar work is usually not assessed, we like to spend time preparing for them. Seminar questions are a great way to revise what you had learned the previous week and you have the opportunity to discuss your solutions and any doubts during the seminar with your peers and seminar tutors. It may seem like a lot but it keeps you motivated.

I feel that after a year and a half at WBS I have become more independent and responsible, both in private life and academically, as well as having met great people that I worked and shared memorable moments with.

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