Top tips for balancing your studies and wellbeing

09 March 2023

Whether you’re trying to find a balance between your studies and wellbeing or you are just looking to start practicing self-care whilst at university, our students share their top tips and advice.

Staying organised:

Chloe: One of my study hacks is to keep a planner with all the tasks to be done each day, recording my lectures and seminars timetables, assignment deadlines, and social activities. I also manage these events by allocating different colours to them.

I also set a weekly to-do list so that I can prioritise time for different work and prevent getting stressed by last-minute workload, which is especially useful when it comes to the busiest weeks of the term.

Inés: There are many ways to organise yourself, a friend of mine sets aside time to work during the day, and then enjoys his friends’ company in the evening. Everyone is different, so you will have to find a schedule that suits you and your lifestyle.

Taking regular breaks:

Inés: Finding a balance between studying and wellbeing involves allowing yourself to take breaks. Breaks include spending time alone, or in the company of family and friends. You need to allow yourself to accept a break to re-gain energy and free your mind. This would help you make a stronger return to your studies.

Chloe: Having some quality me-time always promotes the best recovery after a long and tiring day. It can be any hobby you enjoy doing: listening to your favourite music, cooking a delicious meal, watching a movie etc. It is essential to unwind your thoughts and take a mental break.

Just as it is important to keep your work to a high standard, it is equally crucial to set time aside for relaxation and recharge so that you are not constantly burnt out. 

Seeking external help:

Chloe: The best part at university is that there are a variety of social events to participate in throughout the term. To have a study-life balance, I usually try to get all the work done during weekdays so that I can hang out with my friends at weekends. Regular meet-ups are important for your social wellbeing since spending time with close friends can boost happiness and relieve stress.

Inés: At Warwick, you are not alone. If you ever struggle to find your balance, you’re surrounded by people at university that are willing to help. You could turn to your friends, your family, or even the well-being services. The Warwick Wellbeing Services offer guidance and support if you feel the need to talk with someone.

If you would like more advice regarding balancing your university lifestyle or would like to read more about the well-being resources available at Warwick please see here.