Undergraduate Careers Bootcamp

03 July 2023

The Undergraduate Careers Bootcamp provides an exclusive opportunity for WBS students to network with some of the UK’s leading graduate employers, allowing students to gain an insight into the competitive recruitment process in the corporate world whilst also allowing organisations to explore the student's skills and ambitions. Read below for our student's experience at last year's Bootcamp. 

“The Bootcamp at The Shard presented an extraordinary opportunity, including the chance to visit IBM's office in London. Throughout the event, we completed case study tasks; I worked with my team to tackle real-life cases and present our recommendations compellingly, all within a tight timeframe. This intensive yet enjoyable experience left a lasting impression.
The IBM hosts, Jack Mallows, Euan Pirie, and Elena Nitova, played a pivotal role in our experience, providing unwavering support, boundless enthusiasm, and captivating insights. Exploring the integration of IBM's technology into various aspects of everyday life, such as Netflix recommendations, train ticket bookings, and weather forecasting, was fascinating. Also, I applied the design thinking concepts I had acquired and expanded my knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom. The networking lunch allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals and gain insights from esteemed companies like BCG and L'Oréal.
I express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire WBS careers team, whose tireless efforts behind the scenes ensured the Bootcamp's resounding success. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this opportunity to fellow students seeking to acquire new knowledge and expand their network but also to cultivate invaluable skills such as working under pressure, effective teamwork, and persuasive communication.” Khushi RunwaL, BSc Management 

“Attending the UG Bootcamp was a rewarding experience, as it gave me an idea of what to expect from professional networking sessions and prepared me for the job application process.

To kickstart the Bootcamp, the representatives of my selected company, AlphaSights, delivered a presentation. They explored the corporate culture, their job roles and their personal experiences. One of the representatives was a WBS alumna, acting as a connecting chain link between the company and the attending Warwick students. It was a smooth introduction to the Bootcamp and offered an indication of what recruiters from specific companies value the most in potential candidates. The presentations were followed by free time to network and, finally, a mock assessment centre. The latter was particularly constructive and possibly my favourite out of the three activities. Besides gaining role-specific yet practical knowledge, I got a feel for how recruiters assess applicants and what they pay attention to. When I was invited to my next assessment centre, I was already familiar with the overall process and better prepared.

All that said, I do recommend you take this opportunity and participate in the Bootcamp, no matter what job-hunting stage you are in or what your current plans might be. It is an exciting opportunity that will help you develop skills that you can use in various situations.” Cristian Salis, BSc International Management (with Digital Innovation)

“The WBS Bootcamp was a fantastic event that provided the opportunity to network with multiple companies and WBS students across all years. 
I was partnered with IBM for this event amongst a group of 10 students, and our day started with a tour of their London office, where we explored the different departments and the intuition behind the design of the rooms. The tour was followed by presentations from the IBM representatives Jack and Elena, who are Warwick alumni. They provided insight into the application process for IBM and their experience of transitioning from university to work. I thoroughly enjoyed their talk as learning about their uncertainty in what they wanted to pursue in the future whilst in university reflected my experience. Elena undertook a placement year with IBM, having that internship experience before entering a graduate contract helped clear doubts as to whether this was the right job for her, which has encouraged me to apply for a placement year.
Following the presentations, we attended a networking lunch at The Shard, where we met other employer representatives and WBS students. Talking to other companies and the students gave me an insight into how company cultures can differ and the variety of roles available. After lunch, we were placed in our previous company groups. My group was given an IBM consulting case study to collaborate on and then present to a panel consisting of IBM representatives and the WBS careers team. The case study was my favourite aspect of the day as it was fun to work with a team on a real-world case study and listen to everyone's different perspectives. It also helped me practice my presentation skills in a professional environment, which helped me when I delivered a presentation in my application process for a placement year.
I would apply for the WBS Bootcamp again as it provided me with invaluable soft skills that I can take forward in my future career development.” Chameli Warnapala, BSc Management (with Finance) 

“The UG Bootcamp is a fantastic program for personal and professional development. It provided practical application tips and detailed feedback from employers on presentation and problem-solving skills. It really is like a cheat code to crafting unique job applications while standing out to employers and developing transferable skills. 

A highlight of the event was the added bonus of a lovely view from The Shard whilst networking with peers, WBS career coaches and leading industry experts. I truly appreciate the learnings from the experience and would definitely recommend it to everyone especially ahead of application season!” Chidera Osakwe, BSc Management (with Digital Innovation) 
“I joined the IBM Bootcamp as I was intrigued by IBM and felt that my career and personal development opportunities had been restricted during the pandemic. My goal was to develop transferable skills that I will be able to apply in the workplace in the future. As an inquisitive person, I also wanted to learn more about IBM’s current projects and how technology is shaping society. As a result of the bootcamp, I was able to develop a way to solve complex problems, diversify my experience, and improve my professional network. Later on, I was able to leverage this experience to showcase being initiative driven which helped me land graduate roles at FTSE 500 companies.

I would definitely participate in the Bootcamp again! Not only does it give you exposure to corporate projects, which builds your technical and soft skills, but it also provides opportunities to network with employees for the company you’ve chosen. Networking opens doors to the “hidden job market” and provides depth to your application when applying to companies. One piece of advice for those who are interested in participating is to create an audit of your day and record key learnings, metrics and advice from the people you have met (employers or students) on things like what you admire about them. Their unconventional career path? As this will help you later on.” Charis Regalado, BSc Management (with Digital Innovation)