What research you should conduct before arriving on campus

27 August 2021

BSc International Management student ambassador, Efi shares her pre-arrival research tips to help you feel as prepared as possible before you arrive on campus.

Starting my journey at Warwick Business School was definitely something I was looking forward to, and arriving on campus at the University of Warwick marked a refreshing new beginning for me. However, it was also quite stressful! Preparing for my first year at university included a lot of google searches, visiting the university’s website and social media pages regularly to find out not only what the campus looked like but also how I could be involved in campus life. I had lots of questions such as where do I begin, what sports can I practice, how do I join a society, and what should I bring with me? So to make your life easier I have come up with some pre-arrival research tips to help you feel as prepared as possible before you arrive on campus.

Essential items to bring with you

Some good research can help you pack the right things before you arrive on campus. Firstly, I would suggest checking out the accommodation room that you have been allocated to. Information on the size of the bed, the available storage, and the kitchen appliances available can help you discover the necessary items you will need and will prevent you from over-packing. All this sort of information can be found on the Warwick Accommodation website. Also, check with your department for any specific equipment that may be needed for your course. Purchasing these items before you arrive on campus will definitely save you a lot of time and money.

Societies and sports clubs

There are more than 250 societies and sports clubs available at the University of Warwick. If you are an international student like me, you may have never heard of the term ‘society’ before. Simply put, a society is a group of students who share a common interest or passion, and they organise relevant activities around it. For example, the CYPHR: Street Dance Society organises dance battles and dance lessons while the Warwick Greek Society celebrates the Greek culture with food and social events. Joining a society or a sports club can really make a difference to your university experience, helping you to make friends, have fun and learn new skills.

Most societies have taster events specifically for freshers and attending them could help you decide which society is right for you. However, there are so many societies available and your first few weeks on campus may be a little overwhelming so I would definitely recommend that you check out the Students Union (SU) website before you arrive. The SU website lists all the societies and sports clubs at Warwick therefore you may want to shortlist some of the ones you are most interested in. I’d also recommend following their social media accounts so you can easily find out what events they are hosting once you arrive on campus. Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by societies and sports clubs to announce their events and taster sessions.

Nearby activities

This is definitely not necessary, or particularly essential but researching restaurants, bars, and fun activities to do in the nearby areas of Coventry, Leamington Spa and Warwick is a great idea if you are looking to do something off-campus. Exploring the local cuisine, visiting Warwick Castle, and strolling around Leamington Spa should definitely be on your bucket list while you are studying at Warwick. 

Prepared or not, one thing is for sure campus life will be one of the most interesting and enriching experiences of your life. I hope that you have found my advice useful and good luck with your research.

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