What to expect during a careers coaching appointment with WBS CareersPlus

14 December 2023

Undergraduate alumni Charlotte shares what to expect during a careers coaching appointment with WBS CareersPlus.

As a Warwick Business School student, you are granted exclusive access to the WBS CareersPlus team. One of the many support offerings provided is 1-to-1 careers coaching appointments which can be used at any stage in your career journey for a range of reasons including exploring job options, reviewing applications, and preparing for interviews.

If you have a brief query I would recommend opting to attend one of the team's regular drop-in sessions which do not require a booking. The my.wbs careers pages are also a great go-to first point of information that you have access to at all times. These are filled with application handbooks, CV templates, case study guides, live vacancies, and much more. To discuss these topics in more depth through an appointment you can head over to MyAdvantage and choose from a range of time slots and meeting lengths.

When making your booking it is great to provide background information on the purpose of the appointment and upload any relevant documents such as your CV. This preparation will inevitably help to ensure you are maximising the guidance that the coaches are able to give you. It is important to remember this is your appointment. While the coaches are there to support your journey and provide exceptional assistance, you will be the one setting the agenda and controlling the discussion, so it is great to think this through in advance.

During the first year of my undergraduate degree, I booked an appointment to devise a strategy with the CareersPlus team on how I could bring my long-term vision of entering the marketing industry to life and enhance my employability and skillset whilst at university. Establishing this plan and seeking relevant opportunities then put me in a great place when I made the decision I wanted to do a work placement year. By booking additional careers coaching appointments I was able to gain advice on maximising job searching platforms, finding suitable companies, and connecting with alumni.

After receiving a comprehensive check and targeted feedback on my CV through VMock, a SMART Career Platform WBS students are granted access to, the CareersPlus team provided additional support through coaching appointments. This included refining the formatting and layout, maximising the use of effective language, and selecting the most relevant experiences to ensure my CV was tailored to my preferred industry.

You can also book appointments to prepare for interviews and assessment centres. The careers coach will help to ensure that your answers are structured n a concise yet impactful manner by utilising the STAR method. During the application process for my placement year at Samsung I was also able to book a careers coaching appointment to review a presentation for an assessment centre. The refinements we made gave me a massive confidence boost when I had to present on the day.

Once you’ve secured a role you can even book an appointment to discuss this with the team. For example, during my placement year, I was able to discuss how to approach specific conversations with my manager regarding progression and recognition so the opportunities for support are endless!

Overall, the careers coaches are extremely approachable and supportive. I am beyond grateful for the support I have received. I would definitely recommend booking an appointment with the team to discuss any queries as well utilising their range of additional services including events, workshops, and online resources.

For current WBS students, see more careers information here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in WBS Careers for advice and support at any point during your degree, we are also open during the vacation periods too.