Why did you choose to study your undergraduate degree at WBS?

17 August 2020

In this blog, our ambassadors reflect on why they decided to study their undergraduate degree at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

Laiba Ather – BSc Management – 2nd Year:

“I chose to study at WBS because of the international and diverse cohorts. There was something unique about the significant level of diversity at WBS because I didn’t find this at other UK universities. I like learning from others, especially those who come from different cultures and backgrounds and I have always wanted to work and study abroad which is exactly what the BSc International Management course offered. WBS can support in securing a study position abroad at many top universities and they ensure that the entire process is handled-well and students are kept up to date. The year abroad factor definitely persuaded me to choose WBS and the course I was originally studying BSc International Management, however, due to current circumstances with COVID-19, my year abroad plans had to change. Nevertheless, WBS even ensured that moving to study BSc Management was a quick and easy transition for me to make which was really reassuring during such an uncertain time.”

Jinesh Timbadia Jinesh Timbadia - BSc Accounting & Finance – Final Year:

"There were 3 main reasons for me to choose WBS. First was the academic level. WBS is one of the leading institutions to study BSc Accounting and Finance and before I chose WBS, I was able to gather an understanding around the curriculum and the way it is taught. Second, the independent structure. Generally, we had about 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of seminar per week for each module. This made independent learning important and it also allowed for more flexibility which I enjoy. Lastly, the added benefits of being a WBS student include personal career support from WBS CareersPlus, an online platform (my.wbs) that shows your chosen modules and has resources relating to the modules and access to online resources including most libraries across the world and premium subscriptions to journals such as the FT.”

Mario Grippay Mario Grippay - BSc International Management - 2nd Year:

“I chose to study here mainly due to the reputation of WBS and Warwick in general, but also the degree and the flexibility that WBS offers. WBS allows students to have the option to choose a large portion of their modules across their degree, as well as allowing for a combination of study placement and work placements if they decide to take on a year abroad as a part of their studies. Both of these traits are actually pretty unique compared to other universities in the UK, which is what really convinced me to apply to WBS.”

Shubh Mehta Shubh Mehta - BSc Management (with Finance) – 2nd Year:

“The rankings played a major role towards me picking the University of Warwick for my undergraduate degree. Being a well-known university not only in the UK but throughout the world made it stand out to me. The highly international presence at WBS also helped as there are many international students here, when I arrived on campus I felt welcomed straight away. Having visited the campus and seeing various videos of campus life I realised the importance of having a campus environment compared to a city university.”

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