Why I chose to study BSc Management at Warwick Business School

04 May 2020

Undergraduate student, Zari shares why she chose to study BSc Management at WBS and how the course has developed her interest in organisational management.

Having studied business studies at secondary school, I discovered my passion for both management and accounting at that point in my life and knew it was something I wanted to develop further at university. I decided to follow the management route instead of accounting as I wanted to keep my options open and learn about the world of business as a whole.


The learning experience

I was drawn to the BSc Management course at WBS because of the all-roundedness of the degree that would enable me to learn about all aspects of business and then find out which particular areas I would like to develop further or look for a career in. I have found that, throughout my course so far, the real-life examples and situations that we are given in lectures and seminars has really helped me to bring that knowledge to life. In my second year, I studied Digital Business in Modern Organisations and we used the real-life example of a Formex Try On Watch and it really helped to build my understanding around Augmented Reality and how it can be used to promote products.

In addition to the learning experience at WBS, I was also drawn to the diversity of the students and lecturers. Before joining the university, I had read in the undergraduate prospectus that there are over 50 different countries represented in the business school, and as an international student myself this really appealed to me. I particularly enjoy being taught by academics from all over the world as well as working with such a diverse number of students. It’s brilliant to learn about everyone’s different cultures and it allows you to build a global network of friends.

The practical experience

At WBS you have so many opportunities available to you no matter which course you decide to study, this really grabbed my attention when I was deciding which university to attend. I was particularly drawn to WBS because I had the option to extend my 3-year course to 4 years by doing a placement year in industry or by taking a year abroad. As I am quite an indecisive person, I took my time in making this decision and spoke to the CareersPlus team at WBS (called WBS CareersPlus) and my personal tutor who helped me decide whether this option would be suitable for me. For me, the option of taking a placement year was very appealing as I felt that having practical experience of working within the industry whilst doing my degree would help me decided on my future career path.

WBS sign

The flexibility of the course

BSc Management is a very flexible course which incorporates many different core subjects, from Finance to Human Resources, and therefore gives you a great understanding of business a whole. The course structure of the BSc Management course at WBS really appealed to me due to the fact that you are able to study such a wide range of subjects in your first year. Therefore, when it comes to choosing your elective modules in future years, you have a better understanding of the areas that are of most interest to you. I felt that studying a variety of subjects in my first year made it a lot easier for me to tailor my course to my interests in my second year, and it also enabled me to discover my love for organisational management! In my second year I decided to pick electives in Accounting, Digital Business, and Organisational Management. It is also really good that you don’t just have to pick electives taught at WBS, you can study modules taught by other departments.

The benefits of the course

One of the great benefits of studying at WBS is that some of the modules you complete can lead to exemptions from professional accounting bodies after you graduate. WBS also provides lots of support and guidance on which modules you need to study in order to be eligible for the exemptions. It was great to know that I had access to this opportunity as I was still interested in accountancy despite choosing to study BSc Management.

Zari with friends

The community at Warwick

I always knew that I wanted to join a campus-based university, as I wanted to feel a sense of community, and I definitely get that at the University of Warwick. Everyone is friendly, not only at WBS but also around campus. There is a feeling of community and togetherness which I don’t feel I would have got at a city-based university. The campus is also very beautiful throughout the seasons because there is so much greenery, one of my favourite things to do is take a long walk around campus and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Finally, I wanted to say that WBS, in particular, stood out to me because I love what the School stands for and its values. WBS pushes you to reach your full potential, and by doing so, I feel like I’m developing into someone who is ready to start my career.

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