Why I chose to study BSc Management with Digital Business

11 December 2023

Undergraduate student Sirra explains her reasons for choosing to study BSc Management with Digital Business.

After taking the International Foundation Program (IFP) Business Management course at Warwick for a year, I found it to be a simple decision to pursue a career in Management. I appreciated how the course was divided up into various modules, covering everything from Marketing to Business law. This gave me the chance to explore my varied interests and discover what I was truly fascinated by.

Nonetheless, I discovered that I enjoyed practically every module included in the IFP and that I did not want to concentrate on a highly specific content-related degree at undergraduate level. As a result, I decided to continue with Management as it would still let me learn more about myself and my interests while still giving me the skills I'd need for the future. Similarly, I've always been really interested in starting my own business, so this degree conveniently fit with my aspirations in this regard.

During my first year of studying BSc Management, I had the chance to select an optional module from a list. This list included a module at the time referred to as "Digital Ventures," I was intrigued to learn more about this module but also intimidated as I had never learned about technology or digitalisation prior to this. Fortunately, I went to the module fair where I had the chance to ask the module leader questions and learn more about the module's content, which gave me some peace of mind.

Even though I was still apprehensive to study the module, I am thankful that I did since I thoroughly enjoyed it despite some of the difficulties I encountered. In addition, I was able to grasp the significance of technology in Management and how crucial it is to comprehend and learn about this for future development. I was really interested in learning more about this especially because I am an international student from The Gambia, a third-world nation, and I consider it to be crucial to the growth of business and technology in the nation.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the Digital Ventures module so much that I researched if there were any other modules involving digital content in business that I could study and if I could incorporate this in my degree. Luckily for me, I found that there was a Management with Digital Business pathway that I could possibly follow. However, I had to make sure I met the requirements and that I understood what this road entailed and how it differed from Management. I was pleased to discover that this was the ideal fit for me after conducting additional research on my.wbs and communicating with my personal tutor about my concerns. I could still choose electives related to my hobbies and interests, such as entrepreneurship modules while concentrating primarily on course modules dealing with the digitalisation of enterprises. Ultimately, I felt that switching from Management to Management with Digital Business would be the best course of action for me.

Overall, when I started my first year, I had no idea that I would choose to study BSc Management with a focus on the Digital Business pathway. Although I chose to pursue the BSc Management degree with a pathway, I was grateful that this was not a necessity for me and that, if I so chose, I could also earn a degree in Management alone.

In essence, I think that, while having a degree is important, what you make out of it is more significant. I appreciate that the Warwick Business School (WBS) recognises this and has given me the opportunity to use and adapt my degree in a way that works for me. I am thrilled that I decided to pursue the BSc Management with Digital Business course, and I can't wait to see where it leads me, not just in my third year but also for the foreseeable future!

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