Why I decided to study a pathway as part of my BSc Management course

02 August 2021

In this blog final year student, Shubh describes why he decided to study the finance pathway as part of his BSc Management course and how this has given him the key skills and knowledge to launch his career in the finance industry after completing his degree.

The infinite opportunities that the Finance pathway has exposed me to whilst studying my course BSc Management has allowed me to develop a new and fresh perspective of the finance market.

Before joining university I realised how finance is the lifeblood of every organisation, however little did I know about how the various branches of finance interact and depend on each other. My first year of university definitely helped satisfy my curiosity to learn more about the financial markets. During my first year, I was given a holistic understanding of how a business organisation functions, from learning about accounting techniques to identifying investment opportunities. In my second year, I was then given the opportunity to select a pathway to tailor my studies towards my interests. The beauty of the BSc Management course at WBS is that it has given me the option to choose modules according to my interests and tailor my degree towards my career aspirations. I was given the opportunity to pursue my passion for finance while at the same time studying elective modules like Company Law and Fintech which compliment the finance modules essential for my career growth.

In my opinion, the opportunities in finance are limitless. Finance operates in an ever-changing environment and there is always something new to learn which challenges me. What I also find interesting about the finance industry is how it is linked somehow to every industry across the globe. Finance shows how globalised the world has become. From an American trader using Japanese candlestick patterns to analyse a British company operating in several countries shows the kind of global exposure finance exposes us to. It also shows how we can adopt a particular nation’s culture or beliefs to topics that are then applied in a totally different environment.

During my first year at WBS in 2018, I undertook an introductory finance module as part of my BSc Management course. To back up my mathematical knowledge I also studied two modules based on statistics which were pivotal when studying the finance modules during my second and third year. I think that is always better to get a holistic understanding of a subject area before you decide to tailor your studies to that particular subject and I feel that my degree has been very well designed to do just that. I also studied marketing, operations management, entrepreneurship and financial accounting modules during my first year and this structured approach enabled me to learn more about the business environment whilst helping me figure out which subject areas I was most passionate about.

After developing a strong foundation of business and management knowledge in my first year I decided to select the Finance pathway. In my second year, I was given the option to select a set number of modules depending on my future career goals and interests. Therefore to compliment my finance modules I decided to also study Business Law, Enterprise Information Systems and a Venture Capital based modules. Finally, in my third year, I undertook more financial modules like Mergers & Acquisitions, International Financial Management, Fintech and Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation.

As I come to the end of my course, I feel I will be completely ready to launch my career in the finance industry. Studying at WBS has been a steep learning curve however the content and theory I have learnt throughout my course has been very intellectually stimulating and has continually kept me motivated during my time at WBS.

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