Why I decided to study the Entrepreneurship pathway

20 June 2022

Would you like to know more about the recognised pathways which you can study as part of your undergraduate course? BSc Management with Entrepreneurship student, Anya shares her motivations for choosing the entrepreneurship pathway as part of her course.

My name is Anya Spittle and I’m currently in my third year studying BSc Management with Entrepreneurship (with a Placement Year) at Warwick Business School (WBS). I am from England and have lived internationally in five different countries. Currently, I am on a Placement Year at Vodafone, working in a Communications and Events team. 

World-class business school

When I was looking at potential universities to study at, WBS stood out in many ways for me, in comparison to other universities. I chose to study at WBS, as it is a world-class business school, ranked second in the UK for BSc Management by the Guardian University Guide, 2022. Further, the business school facilities are amazing, with modern study areas, large lecture theatres and more. Additionally, WBS offers its own career support dedicated to business school students, with regular drop-in sessions and one-to-one advice. Not only this, the university itself offers brilliant facilities, including a Sports and Wellness hub and new Arts centre. Also, I love the atmosphere of Warwick campus with many outdoor social areas and green spaces.

Course flexibility

I chose to study BSc Management as it is a very broad degree, offering a wide range of options. This was very important for me, as I was not sure which area I wanted to specialise in. In addition to this, I knew the degree would be excellent for my future career, teaching me the skills I would require for a range of roles in any business. Another reason for choosing this degree was the option to complete a Placement Year, where I could apply what I had learned during my degree in a real business and gain valuable work experience. The BSc Management course also provided the opportunity to specialise in a particular subject area by either choosing modules dedicated to your interests or by selecting a specific course pathway such as Marketing, Finance, Digital Business or Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial based modules

Towards the end of my second year, I decided I want to study the Entrepreneurship pathway as I chose to study a few entrepreneurial-based modules, including Corporate Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking for Digital Innovation, as well as the CORE Entrepreneurial Mindset module. These modules were interlinked, allowing me to explore the importance of innovation and creativity within corporations and how this is encouraged. I was also able to investigate my own business idea using Design Thinking, in addition to proposing a group venture. I thoroughly enjoyed these modules, as innovation and entrepreneurship relate not only to starting a new venture but to all aspects of life including charity, societies, and academic work. Thus, by choosing this pathway you do not specifically need to have the ambition to start your own venture.

Exploring my passion

I related my studies in these modules to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability to innovate ways for companies to become more sustainable. I have a passion for CSR which I am able to explore through my Entrepreneurial modules. Throughout my second-year modules, and the support I received from the CareersPlus team with my placement year applications, I discovered the importance of innovation and creativity to many businesses. This encouraged me to study the Entrepreneurial pathway as part of my degree to help me stand out to potential future employers.

By choosing this pathway, I had to select a minimum of three Entrepreneurship modules during my final year. There were a range of different modules to choose from and I am particularly looking forward to the Building a Venture module, where we are given the opportunity to explore our own business idea. As well as the Innovation Management module, where I will be able to use the knowledge from my placement year at Vodafone and the techniques they use for fostering innovation and apply this to my studies.

The modules I’ve enjoyed so far

In terms of the modules I have studied so far I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the CORE Entrepreneurial Mindset module, as it can be applied to all aspects of life. We looked at methods to generate ideas and encourage creativity. Further, there were guest speakers and case studies that brought the learnings to life.

Secondly, I really liked Corporate Entrepreneurship, as in groups we explored ways that a company encourages innovation and creativity. This was really eye-opening, specifically as Vodafone uses many of these techniques through the company culture and innovation groups. It also supported my application process for different Placement Year opportunities as I specifically chose to apply to companies that were encouraging creativity within the workplace.

The other module I was especially engaged in was CORE Global Environment of Business, where our assignment gave us the opportunity to compete for the ‘WBS – For the Future Prize 2021’. The module related to my passion for CSR and explored the importance of sustainability for businesses.  

If you are a current student considering whether to study a pathway as part of your course, I would suggest checking the requirements to complete the pathway, including the number of modules required. I would also recommend that you speak to the modules leaders of the pathway you are considering, to gain further information about the topics you will be learning about. I would highly recommend studying a course pathway if you have a real interest in a particular subject area as it will help to support your future career path.

For students who are considering studying at WBS, I would very much recommend studying here. WBS provides excellent career support, such as individualised mock interviews, assessment centre advice, and CV support. As well as, a wide range of module choices and many opportunities, such as specialising your degree and taking a placement year. Throughout, all these decisions WBS provides support. In addition, lectures are very engaging with many modules bringing in guest speakers from a range of businesses, as well as real case studies. I have really enjoyed studying at WBS and I am very excited to return for my final year.

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