Why I decided to study the Finance pathway

05 July 2021

Are you interested in finding out more about our recognised pathways which you can study as part of your undergraduate course? BSc Management with Finance student, Archit shares his motivations for choosing the finance pathway as part of his course.

My name is Archit Modi. I am a final year BSc Management with Finance student from Mumbai, India. I would define myself as a person who is interested in interacting with new individuals, learning from my surroundings, and exploring new opportunities to make memorable experiences. My interests are practising Taekwondo (a sport that I have been practising for 16 years and teaching for the past 9 years), listening to music, and travelling. 

I remember my excitement when I was exploring different university options. I was attracted to WBS due to its global prestige, reputation, student satisfaction, magnificent campus vibe, and high research and academic standards. However, the aspect that stood out to me the most was the emphasis on intercultural diversity. Talking to representatives of Warwick at my high school college fair and from conducting my own research about the university, the emphasis on developing a homely, respectable, and comfortable environment was the stand-out point. I soon knew it would be an environment wherein I would be able to do what I enjoy, meeting new individuals from different backgrounds and learning about new cultures. 

During high school, I decided to choose business management studies as I wanted to learn more about the practical aspects of conducting a business. I come from a business family and looking at my father run his business, I developed an interest in understanding the different tasks that a business individual regularly deals with. I found this subject to be very practical and something that I can see in my surroundings. By studying business management, I developed further interest in the different theoretical concepts and learning how real-life companies implement them daily. Thus, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the intricacies of management. 

In my first year at WBS, I developed a great interest in the financial markets and the different financial concepts that act as the foundations of the business world. This helped me envision my career goal in the financial sector and motivated me to take the finance pathway as part of my course. For other students who are considering choosing a pathway as part of their studies at WBS, I would highly recommend following this route, as it is a value-added tool to your degree and will enable you to obtain an in-depth understanding of a particular business area, be it in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship or digital business. You get to specialise in different areas within a sub-branch of the bigger umbrella field of business management. Moreover, it acts as a wonderful opportunity to make your degree more specific to your career goals. It can also act as an attractive feature for your future employers in your desired career path.  Some of my favourite modules that I have enjoyed studying as part of the finance pathway have been Financial Statement Analysis & Security Valuation, International Financial Management, Strategic Games: Thinking Rationally About Business, Policy and Real Life, and FinTech. These modules had some really interesting content that kept me eager to learn more.

If you like new challenges and thrive on intellectually stimulating conversations then WBS is the apt place for you. Here you get a plethora of opportunities to not only explore your business skills but also learn from some bright fellow individuals. WBS prioritises developing a supportive environment and nurtures people in bringing the best out of themselves. It teaches some invaluable skills that make you an independent, confident, and knowledgeable business professional. 

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