Why I decided to study the Marketing pathway as part of my BSc International Management course

18 July 2022

Would you like to know more about the recognised pathways which you can study as part of your undergraduate course? BSc International Management with Marketing student Inès shares her motivations for choosing the marketing pathway as part of her course.

Warwick Business School offers a wide variety of modules to match any student’s pursuits. In addition to this, WBS allows students to specialise their degree to specify what area of business they are more interested in. For me, this was marketing, an industry I gained valuable insight in during a three-day online workshop. Although, figuring out what you want to specialise in is not as easy as it sounds and here’s why!

Firstly, specialising your course by studying a pathway is by no means a requirement to graduate, but rather it offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into a field of business that enjoy. A pathway can also help you become more competitive and knowledgeable in front of future employers. It’s a valid distinction employers will notice between students graduating with an undergraduate degree in ‘International Management with Marketing’ as opposed to ‘International Marketing’. On top of employability, if you’re clear on what you want to pursue in the future, specialising your degree might give you the motivation to love your course more and achieve the targets you set!

If you are current or prospective student who is considering studying a pathway my advice would be to make sure you truly understand what the benefits are to you and your future career prospects. While specialising may grant you more knowledge in your prospective field, the module dedicated to your pathway might be as unattractive as they are attractive to you. Moreover, it’s correct to assume that specialising is another step towards the job or career you want to undertake but choosing a pathway should not close any doors for you in the future. It is important to consider what employers will view of your application seeing an indication that you’ve decided to specialise in a particular subject area. With that said, I would encourage getting in touch with peers, seniors, staff, and alumni to develop a broader understanding of what studying a pathway entails. Lastly, do not pursue a pathway for the reason that other people are doing it as you need to have the passion and motivation to study something that you enjoy.

By choosing the marketing pathway I have been able to discover modules that I’m passionate about for example like my Marketing Research module. This module broadened my view of marketing and helped me understand why we attract customers, as opposed to how? By conducting various analyses on different stakeholders using software and literature coding, I was able to construct a report of a collation of my market research on a company of my choice, which not only developed my analytical and numerical skills, but also my aptitude for problem-solving. During high school, I was always tremendously fond of sociology, I directed this keen interest towards studying the Consumer Behaviour module. The objective of this module is to understand how the way you live affects your purchasing habits which is something I wanted to learn more about.

In conclusion I would say that it’s important to do your research before deciding if you want to study a pathway as part of your course. The Undergraduate Programme and your module leaders are always available to give you lots of support and advice if you decide that this is something you want to pursue.

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