Why I decided to study the Marketing pathway

In this blog final year student, Clement describes why he decided to study the marketing pathway as part of his BSc Management course and how this has given him a broader understanding of the different branches of marketing within the world of business.

Hi everyone, I am Clement and currently finishing my third year as a BSc Management with Marketing student. I am originally from France and have spent most of my life there which made me want to move and discover another country. I decided to study abroad and chose the UK to become fluent in English to enable me to work all over the world in my future in my career.

After deciding to study abroad, I started thinking about what subject interested me the most for my undergraduate degree. However, even after thinking about it extensively, I had no clue what I wanted to do but I knew it had something to do with economics or business, so I decided on management. A BSc Management degree was for me a way to get a broad understanding of all things business-related (e.g. finance, accounting, operations and marketing) and then specialise in what I enjoyed the most. By studying an undergraduate degree in the UK also meant that I would have more elective modules to choose from compared to studying in France, which gave me more room to tailor my course to what I wanted to learn more about.

When looking at places to study firstly I looked at the rankings of the top business schools in the world and narrowed it down to English speaking countries. Warwick Business School was definitely in the mix from the start because of its ranking in the UK and the world. After some more research, I found out that the University of Warwick campus was located not too far away from London. What stood out to me the most was the way I was received when I visited WBS for the first time. Although it was not an open-day, a WBS staff member took the time to present me with all the information about the course and life as a student. I remember thinking that out of all the other universities I visited, WBS was the one that made me feel more like a student with a life outside of academia. Finally, although having received conditional offers from other prestigious universities, I felt like WBS was the right fit for me and I chose WBS as my firm choice.

During my first year as a Management student, I got to see many different aspects of business studies and immediately was attracted to marketing and behavioural science. I learned about the pathway options towards the end of my first year and chose to pursue the BSc Management with Marketing pathway so that I could gain further recognition of my studies within this field as my degree transcript on graduation will reflect this, adding even more value to my degree when applying for work in the marketing sector. In my second year, I had to take one specific module which allowed me to take other elective marketing modules in my third year. Overall, all the modules touch upon different topics within marketing (e.g. strategy, communications and consumer behaviour) which is a great way to get a broader understanding of the different ‘branches’ of marketing in the professional world. By following a recognised pathway as part of your studies mean that you will get a well-rounded education on the subject you choose. By well-rounded, I mean that you will be exposed to both qualitative and quantitative sides of marketing, which will be crucial in your future career as a marketeer.

In my opinion, choosing a pathway is a great way to specialise in one specific subject. During your first year, you will study many different modules covering many different topics. The pathway option allows you to take modules that will give you a better understanding of the subject you choose. Yet, it doesn’t confine you to that subject only, you will have more electives than required to qualify for the pathway and you can even choose to do several modules on a completely different subject.

WBS is a prestigious university recognised in the UK and internationally where you can join many societies and sports clubs and make great friends.  As a student at WBS, you will have the opportunity to be in a very international classroom and meet people from all over the world. My best advice to future students would be to choose a university that feels right for you.

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