Why I love the University of Warwick

15 April 2019

In this blog, Eleanor Burgess discusses all the things that she loves about being a WBS Undergraduate Student.

1. The campus itself

The first thing that I absolutely love about being at Warwick is the campus; it is so big and there is almost a place to suit your every mood. Although it can take a little while to get to grips with finding everywhere, and getting lost at some point is inevitable - it gives you the opportunity to explore! Living in Sherbourne in my first year meant that I had a beautiful walk alongside the lake when heading to lectures and seminars, and there are many wonderful spots on campus to relax and clear your head. The WBS building is really modern, and the undergraduate learning space and café are a few of my favourite spots to work in a more relaxed setting.

2. You are able to adapt your course at WBS to suit your interests

One factor that drew me to WBS was the flexibility of the courses on offer. I study BSc Management, and in my first year I learnt about many different aspects of business, from marketing and finance to psychology. This allowed me to get a good overall feel for what I enjoyed and helped me to select my modules in second and third year. Also, what I didn’t know when I first started at Warwick is that you can even select unusual options which allow you to take modules from different departments in particular subjects that interest you - so it is really flexible and you can tailor your course to meet your interests.

3. The choice of food on campus is amazing

In all honesty, food is on my mind at least 99% of the time, so as soon as I arrived at Warwick I made a conscious effort to investigate all the coffee shops and restaurants on campus. One of my favourites to check out is Curiositea, which is a cute vintage style coffee shop with the best cakes and themed drinks that change weekly (also perfect for that classic Instagram snap). Another favourite - I think for everyone at Warwick - is the monthly Food Market with loads of food stalls that guarantee to offer something that will fit your mood. Insider tip: I would definitely recommend checking out the brownies at the Food Market because I would even go as far to say that they are the best ones I have ever had!

4. The societies allow you to try something new

Another big part of university life are the sports clubs and societies, there are so many - making it easy to find something that suits you. There is even a Cheese & Chocolate society, keeping in line with the food theme. Societies provide so many different opportunities to get involved. For instance, in my first year, I went on a society trip with the Warwick Business School Society (WBSS) to Budapest, which was so much fun and encouraged my love of travel. Classical & Modern Dance society (CMD) has been a big part of my university experience, and they have classes in lots of different styles, including Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, so it is really nice to be able to try something new. Last year I competed in an inter-university dance competition for ballet, which was so much fun and allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Not to mention the brand new sports centre, opening in April 2019, which looks incredible; it might even convince me to go to start going to the gym - not making any promises though!

5. The people you meet at Warwick will inspire you

However, 100% the best thing about Warwick is the amazing friends and people that you get to meet and work with on a daily basis. From lecturers and seminar tutors, to the undergraduate and careers teams, everyone makes you feel so welcome and is always so happy to help you out - even when you think things seem a little daunting! I love that I have met so many people in the Business School from all over the world, and hearing so many inspiring stories about different cultures and nationalities makes me determined to travel the world and see for myself!

BSc Management is one of our most flexible degrees, with the opportunity to specialise in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation, Finance and Marketing – you can find out more about the course here.