MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

How to apply

About you
At WBS we are looking for future Change Makers; those who are intellectually outstanding with a proven academic ability, the desire to learn, the potential to succeed, and who align with our core values of curiosity, openness, restlessness, and excellence.

Making your application
Application is through the University's online form. Our current application deadline is July 2024, however, applications may close earlier if all places on a course are filled prior to the deadline. We recommend applying early due to a highly competitive selection process.

There is a non-refundable application fee of £75. Deferrals will only be considered in extenuating circumstances.

Our application process

1 Prepare your application

Write your application, including references, CV, transcripts, and personal statement. See below for further information on what to include.

3 Post-application

Once fully submitted, the processing time is usually between 8-12 weeks, but please be aware that this may take longer during busier periods. You can track your application status through the portal.

4 Application decision

If your application is approved, the University will make an official offer of a place on the course. There is normally time limit to accept this. 


5 Meet your conditions

Offers may be conditional on you meeting academic, language, or other requirements. Once you have met your conditions, the offer will automatically be made unconditional.

6 Reply to your offer

If you accept our offer, you must pay your deposit within four weeks of the date of your offer letter. We will only refund this if you fail to meet the conditions of your offer.

7 Accommodation

If you’re interested in living on campus, you’ll be invited to apply for accommodation in the summer. You can find out more about all accommodation options here.

8 Keep in touch

And that’s it – we’ll see you at the start of your studies! We'll be sending regular email updates to keep you in the loop about life at WBS.

9 Pre-arrival

In the summer you’ll be invited to access our pre-arrival webpages, which will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for your year at WBS.

10 Join us

Congratulations, you’re officially a WBS student! Join us for Welcome Week to get a feel for campus, life at Warwick, and an introduction to your course.

What to include in your application


You must supply one academic or professional reference, your referee can know you on either an academic or professional level.

Once you have paid your application fee, we will email your referee inviting them to submit a reference for you online. It is your responsibility to ensure that your reference has been submitted.


You are required to submit a CV as part of the application process. Your CV should contain the following information:

  • Your educational background
  • Your employment history
  • Any volunteering experience
  • Any extra-curricular activities, hobbies and interests.


You must upload a final or interim transcript for your undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Your transcripts must show the modules you have taken for each year (including the first year) and the marks you have gained to date. Please also upload a list of your final year modules. We understand that results may not yet be available, but a simple list of the modules studied in your final year is essential to the decision-making process. Please upload a list of your final year modules as a PDF or Word document. If your transcript is not printed in English please also include a translation.

Personal Statement

This is your opportunity to share any achievements and ambitions you have; we want to understand how a WBS MSc course will help you to develop both personally and professionally, so please avoid repeating information from your CV.

Key areas to cover in your Personal Statement include:

  • Why have you selected this course? What are your motivating factors?
  • How do you see the course benefitting your career plans?
  • What will you contribute to your cohort?


Please read our FAQs before contacting our MSc Recruitment Team.

Can you tell me if I am eligible/suitable for the course before I apply?

We cannot confirm whether you are eligible for a course before application. This is a decision that only the Selection Committee can make once you have applied and submitted all of your supporting documents. 

Can I apply for more than one Masters course?

You are able to apply to more than one course but must do so on separate application forms and so must pay an application fee for each. You only need to upload one set of supplementary documents with each of your applications. We would however recommend that you tailor each Personal Statement specifically for every course for which you have applied.

How do I submit my supporting documents?

Following the submission of your application and payment of your application fee, you will be sent an email by the Postgraduate Admissions team with a link to access the upload facility. You will then be able to upload supporting documents, which will enable your application to be considered.

Please note that we cannot accept documents submitted via email.
Please do not post any hard copy documents at this time. Should you be made an offer, you will then be asked to supply original documents.

How should my references be submitted?

If you complete the references section of the application form, including email addresses, then your referees will be emailed by the Postgraduate Admissions team and asked to submit their reference via an online submission form. Please note that they will be emailed only once and it remains your responsibility to make sure that both references have been submitted. References submitted by email will not be acceptable.

Do I need to get my documents translated?

Yes. We require all transcripts from higher learning (BA, BSc, MA, MSc for example) to be officially translated. This can be done at any British Council office or by your university. A document will be considered as a valid translation if it has an original stamp from an official translation company and is attached to the original document.

Can I apply before I have completed my degree, or language test?

You can apply before you have completed your degree. You will need to supply interim transcripts of your marks and modules to date with your application. You can also apply before you have received your language score. You should put the date of your English test on your application form and you can send in your score later. In both cases, if an offer is made it will most likely be conditional and dependent on you achieving the required grade/score for admission.

Can I submit my test scores through ETS?

Yes. To submit your test scores for IELTS (Academic)  please use the following codes:

University Code: 0806
Institute Code & Name: 0806 UNIVWARWICK