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29 September 2021

The Rhythm of Selling: How Time Affects Sales Performance

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We often refer to sportspeople as being on a ‘hot streak’, when they seem to score over and over with every shot. Belief in hot streaks (and cold ones) is very common, and can be seen in many behaviours, such as sports gambling, and stock market picking. However, until recently, it was considered a human bias by psychologists. Yet, modern statistical methods and data sources have allowed us to observe that hot streaks really do exist in many contexts, from sports to the individual career outputs of artists and scientists. It seems logical then that salespeople could also go on hot and cold streaks of performance, but no one has yet observed this.

In this session, Professor Nick Lee will:

  • Give the first evidence that salespeople really do experience hot and cold streak– termed positive and negative momentum - and these streaks have important impacts on their sales performance.
  • Show that momentum is affected by the day of the week, and the time of the day.
  • Show that the effect of momentum is augmented by the social environment that the salesperson works in – with salespeople who work in more social environments gaining the greatest benefit from positive momentum, and experiencing the least harm from negative momentum.

In today’s world of remote and hybrid working environments, these findings enable senior management to help their salespeople reach their potential by managing their time and environment better.

Dr Nick Lee co-teaches the module "Selling Value" on the newly launched Executive Diploma in B2B Marketing.

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The session will be hosted by the Director of Executive Education, Professor Tim Wray.

We look forward to welcoming you to this fascinating session.

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Professor Tim Wray is the Director of Executive Education and the Course Lead for the Executive Diploma in Organisational Change.

Dr Nick Lee is Professor of Marketing within the Marketing Group at Warwick Business School. His work draws on social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioural economics, to explore key issues in personal selling and sales management, as well as numerous other fields of study. His work has been published in world-leading journals across multiple fields of business research and behavioural / psychological science. As well as sales momentum, his latest work has explored issues such as how to use Net Promoter Score most usefully in decision-making, how consumers from different countries behaved in response to the COVID pandemic, and how the nonverbal behaviour of politicians can affect voter emotions and intentions.

In 2017 Nick was honoured by the Academy of Marketing for outstanding lifetime contribution to marketing scholarship, and in 2009 he was featured in The Times as ‘one of the 15 scientists whose work will shape the future’.

Nick co-teaches the module "Selling Value" on the newly launched Executive Diploma in B2B Marketing.

This is the third of the four modules and builds on the first two modules (Strategic Value Creation, Building a Customer-Centric Culture). "Selling Value" introduces participants to a range of theories and concepts that will enable them to understand how to manage sales forces and ensure a selling process that creates value for customers.

The principal aims of the module are:

  • To understand how to develop go-to-market strategies
  • To understand key decision areas of sales force management
  • To understand how to create value in personal selling and servicing

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Online via wbsLive

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Wednesday 29 September 2021, 13:00 - 14:00

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07384 910598

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