Warwick Leadership Pathways: Lightning Talk

Are you considering studying the Warwick Leadership Pathways at WBS? If so, join us for a taster session and delve into the world of marketing.

Nick Lee, Professor of Marketing will give an insight into what you can learn on the Warwick Leadership Pathways with a lightning talk ‘Laggards matter: How low performers can help leaders drive sales success’. Our team will also provide an overview of the Warwick Leadership Pathways and how we can work with you to tailor our programmes to your learning needs.

The Warwick Leadership Pathways are a fully flexible framework that allow you to design your own development journey. You can choose from a selection of themed pathways to earn a subject-specific Executive Diploma, or choose any combination of Postgraduate Awards from across the portfolio, to build towards your Executive Diploma in Advanced Management. This stackable approach to learning allows you to complete a single module, and later complete the further Awards needed to build up to a higher qualification level.

Jordana Bowman – Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science 2022 will be joining us for the Alumni Q&A panel