Exclusive WBS discounts for FT Non-Executive Directors' Club

21 February 2013

Warwick Business School (WBS) students and alumni are being offered discounted rates to join the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club and undertake associated courses.

The Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club offers members a complete range of resources, access to some of the most sought after non-executive director (NED) roles in the UK, premium networking events, access to up-to-the-minute information on governance issues and discounted rates for conferences, courses and workshops.

Annual membership is £174 per year, but WBS students and alumni will receive a 20 per cent discount for the six-month FT NED Certificate taught on and offline.

WBS Dean Professor Mark Taylor said: “We are committed to providing our students and alumni a continuing return on their investment and this is another partnership that they can benefit from.

“We are one of only two business schools that have these special rates for our students with the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club, which has proven itself to be very valuable for not only non-executive directors, but with those aspiring to become one.

“I have participated in these courses and I can vouch for their quality and valuable insight that they give into the role and the skills needed for it. There are also many other benefits to joining, not least the networking opportunities the club presents. We have worked hard to put this deal together for our students and I think it represents excellent value.”  

Whether you're looking for your first non-executive director role, wanting to expand your existing portfolio or providing training for senior executives, the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club can help.

Membership benefits include:

-  Exclusive access to some of the UK's most sought-after jobs across all sectors
-  Invites to premium networking events
-  Access to an archive of documents, articles, insights, latest news and interviews
-  A monthly member newsletter to keep you updated on developments 
-  Discounted rates for a wide variety of conferences, courses and workshops

The Financial Times courses and workshops are listed on their website.

To take advantage of these special rates and to join the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club email Stephanie.Robinson@ft.com stating your programme and year.


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