Here at WBS our research makes an impact in the real world, for those working in the healthcare sector and on the health outcomes of patients.

Graeme Currie, Professor of Public Management explains the challenges faced by the NHS and how the collaboration with business schools can help support ‘hybrid managers’ by offering them relevant research and educational programmes.

"Delivering high quality care to an increasingly aging population requires innovation. That innovation may well come from business schools” says Currie. “At WBS we are part of a translational health research initiative called CLAHRC. We move from what we know to what we do and deliver the best clinical practice. We are very much up to date with what is happening out there.”  

Watch this film to find out more about how WBS can help the NHS and other complex organisations tackle organisational challenges.

For more information on the business of making healthcare work download David Brindle's (Public Services Editor of The Guardian) article on whether organisational science could cure the world's healthcare problems.