Professors Jacky Swan and Davide Nicolini of the Organizing Health Research Network at Warwick Business School, together with their colleague Professor Sue Newell, University of Sussex, edit recent book ‘Mobilizing Knowledge in Healthcare: Challenges for Management and Organization’ published by Oxford University Press. This book contains contributions from others WBS Network members based on their latest research findings. For example, the book contains the following chapters written by WBS scholars:

'Epistemic Fit' and the Mobilization of Management Knowledge in Healthcare, Gerry McGivern, Sue Dopson, Ewan Ferlie, Chris Bennett, Michael Fischer, Louise Fitzgerald and Jean Ledger

Enhancing Absorptive Capacity of Healthcare Organizations: The Case of Commissioning Service Interventions,Charlotte Croft and Graeme Currie

The Organizing Healthcare Research Network at Warwick Business School brings together an interdisciplinary group of faculty, who conduct healthcare research in areas such as, design of physical environment in clinical settings for behavioural change and well-being, leadership and digital health, as some examples.

Members of the Network recently spearheaded the development and delivery of a massive open online course (MOOC) ‘Leadership for Healthcare Improvement and Innovation’ in collaboration with colleagues at Monash University in Australia.

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