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In this fifth episode on fintech with the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology we look at Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, which have become important to all businesses, especially as, according to the CBI, two-thirds of investors take ESG factors into account when investing in a company.

Yet accusations of greenwashing are plaguing the ESG movement, while some companies have cottoned on to their importance and manipulated their ESG statistics to attract investors.

So can their numbers be trusted? Who are the true ESG companies that are taking their societal responsibilities seriously and transparently and not just gaming their numbers?

Trust is hard to find, but perhaps AI can help sort this out. Join host Natasha de Teran as she explores the issue with Isabel Fischer, of the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology, and the founders of ESG analytics firm Rho Impact; Seth Sheldon, Chief Scientific Officer, and Noah Miller, Chief Advisory Officer and Head of ESG Advisory Services.

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