Nadia Morozova
Consumer & Audience Insights Partner, Tik Tok
PhD Business & Management (Behavioural Science) 2016-2019

What did you do prior to starting your PhD?

My most recent corporate experience was at the Nestlé Group’s (Cereal Partners Worldwide) head office in Lausanne, Switzerland. In my role I was responsible for leading consumer insights for the European region, primarily focusing on brand transformations around digital and social media and product innovation strategies.

Before relocating to Switzerland, I worked as a Customer Insight Expert at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Paris, France. In my role I was responsible for providing support to full-scale global case teams, driving expertise in digital consumer discoveries and creation of consumer insights function.

Prior to joining BCG, I spent four and a half years working at Procter and Gamble as a Consumer and Market Knowledge Manager in Geneva and Moscow. I was responsible for enhancing the brand and go-to-market strategies bringing in-depth consumer, shopper and market insights.

Can you tell us why you chose to study for your PhD at WBS?

I chose to study at WBS because the PhD programme has allowed me to create my own research idea, concentrate on the research question and work with the leading professors in my field of research. In addition to this the Behavioural Science group has great research facilities which enabled me to work on a series of experiments for my PhD project.

What is the best thing about the PhD programme?

The best thing about the PhD programme at WBS is the diversity in backgrounds and research interests of both Professors and other PhD students. This level of diversity allows us to discuss very different ideas and receive in depth feedback on our research.

What inspired you most throughout your research studies?

Throughout my research studies I have been inspired by my supervisors who are always very open when it comes to discussing ideas relating to my research. After meeting my supervisors I am always really pleased with the progress that I make in progressing my research project.

Tell us a bit more about your experience of finding and working with a supervisor during your research studies.

The Behavioural Science group were really helpful in advising me on the best potential supervisor for my PhD project. My supervisor has guided me on how to find the best balance between making strong theoretical contributions whilst ensuring that my research can be applied in solving business issues.

What is your research on?

My research is based on the underlying mechanisms of unplanned and impulse purchases in e-commerce.