Veriko Ichkiti
Current doctoral researcher
PhD Business & Management

Why did you choose to study for your PhD at WBS?

Warwick Business School's PhD programme is designed to provide doctoral students with intense research experience. Academic training, conferences, and seminars offered by WBS enrich our knowledge and skills, eventually leading to high-quality research output, setting a foundation for a successful academic career.  Moreover, when I was interviewed by members of the academic department, I felt stimulated by their energetic drive and passion for exploring a vast landscape of the business and management science discipline, as they are determined to put together outstanding researchers to contribute to this ever-growing academic field and make a positive impact on society.

What is the best thing about the PhD programme so far?

Since I joined WBS, I have benefited from amazingly supportive academic faculty. The best part of daily academic life in my first year is the cohort-based nature of the course, which helps me to get to know my colleagues and peers, exchange ideas with them and have a mutual support network for getting through the challenges on the way. This, coupled with expert supervision from faculty with excellent subject knowledge, enables me to grow academically and be motivated to deliver outstanding performance.