Brian Schintgen
Course participant
Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your career history?

My name is Brian Schintgen, I am currently working as a Consultant for Public Sector and National Commercial and Industry clients, with a focus on clients in the Healthcare sector such as hospitals and government bodies/institutions connected to the sector. I have a background in Biomedical Engineering which was my first exposure to the fields of healthcare, applied research and innovation. The skills I gained through my degree helped me contribute during the first years of my career, which is why I wanted to further develop my knowledge and skillset in this topic.

What attracted you to the Leading Strategic Innovation course at WBS?

Apart from the topic itself, which I am passionate about, I found the flexibility of the course delivery extremely helpful. While making a significant commitment of time and effort to participate in the programme, the self-paced structure of the course allows everyone to organise themselves around other obligations that might occur in the day-to-day activities on the job.

Another aspect that attracted me to the programme was the faculty’s legitimacy and professional experience to deliver the course with interesting insights and good knowledge on the addressed subjects.

Lastly, the wide range of subjects that are covered in the course made the programme a very attractive option, offering insights into many different aspects that are linked to innovation in healthcare. It becomes clear how multifaceted and complex the creation of an innovative environment within organisations can be, which makes it even more interesting to participate in the course.

How can you see the programme improving your career / organisation?

The programme has given me tools that I will be able to discuss with multiple clients in the healthcare field, in order to address the issues they are facing within their organisations. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the programme, I will be able to tackle challenges in a variety of areas such as operations, organisation, financing, or strategy.

What was your experience like studying on the my.wbs platform?

The my.wbs platform is quite straightforward to use and provides handy tools to track your progress towards completing the course. The regular automatic updates help to keep up with discussions across the various topics as you go along in the programme.

Why should someone join the Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare programme at WBS?

The programme provides you with a variety of tools and theories that can be applied in many different situations throughout organisations, both in the field of healthcare as well as many other sectors, due to the transversal nature of the course content. Moreover, the online format of the course allows you to connect with people from very different cultural and organisational backgrounds, enriching the experience through learning about other organisations and their advantages or disadvantages in comparison to others. The faculty’s experience and constant availability makes this programme very interactive, and the feedback received for coursework is relevant and helpful for your improvement and learning experience throughout the course.

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