Dominic Thornton-Flowers
Course participant
Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership

There are certain times in your career when you feel the need for some formal education or training. I find it comes in cycles, and after my economics degree I was happy to work and learn on the job for a number of years before I felt the urge to complete my MSc in Operational Excellence at Cranfield.

After my MSc, I’ve focused on my industrial experience and challenging projects or roles. In 2021 I felt the need once more for more education, as I was operating in a very digital capacity with a wealth of industrial experience and projects delivered, however my formal education on certain topics was limited. The Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership offered by WBS was ideally structured for me and covered topics where I had experience, but not the principles for understanding. Taking things back to the foundations and building back from there has given me capabilities and knowledge beyond the hype or buzz words. The pace of the courses and frequency is perfect. It’s all done in 12 months, not so often that it’s overwhelming but often enough that you always have another module to look forward to.

All of the three modules, so far, have been valuable and working alongside a cohort of individuals from other industries has been insightful and comforting. We have different motivations but shared problems. The discussions and conversations with my cohort have been as valuable as the lectures themselves. The Shard is a very nice environment, spacious and modern while the virtual support is excellent. I attended two modules face to face and one virtually, each was professionally delivered and seamless.

When undertaking a course like this it is perfectly normal to worry about the coursework and assessments. I have found the assessment questions to be clear with a good definition, you can break them up and tackle them bit by bit. My preference was to start the course work immediately after the module and to get 60% of my assignment completed in draft, you can then take your time to polish and tune without feeling the pressure of a blank page. The assignments are definitely easier if you apply them to work related problems or projects. Each of my assignments has generated useful materials relevant to the company I work for, they have helped formulate solutions to problems based on sound academic thinking and they have also help structure strategies under development or confirm strategies in place. They say a change is as good as a rest and going back to school is a big change. It’s been a very exciting and refreshing experience.

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