Katherine Woollard
Course participant
Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership

I was working towards progression into a more senior digital leadership role and looking for a course which would give me the theoretical and practical upskilling I needed to make better and more informed decisions, as well as the confidence that I did know what I was talking about! I found that many of the courses on offer didn’t offer the depth and breadth of subjects I was looking for. I also needed something which fit into a busy work schedule. I felt that the Warwick Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership had the right balance for me. It included enough contact time to really delve into the topics, but the four-day sessions were easier to fit into my diary, especially with the fourth day being a Saturday.

As well as the practical considerations, I chose the WBS Executive Diploma for a variety of reasons and it has proved to be a great choice for me. Each time I have arrived for one of the four-day sessions I have arrived in a very practical mindset, focused on the day-to-day and getting current deliveries out of the door. I leave thinking bigger, challenging myself to be braver and having the confidence of research and expert knowledge behind me to help make change happen at my organisation.

Part of this is due to the content of the course, both the wide variety of topics covered and the interactive approach and openness to discussion has been fantastic. Understanding the theory is important, but exploring the challenges across the different industries and organisations represented by our cohort of students has made it so much more applicable. And much of this is down to the selection process WBS undertake to make sure those on the course are really engaged and able to bring a diversity of thought, experience and approach.

Alongside this, I have found the assignments to be thought-provoking and intentionally flexible to enable me to explore in detail the areas which are most applicable to me and my organisation. Although writing essays in an academic style after many years out of education felt a little daunting, the support received from WBS was really helpful and the process of researching and writing the assignments really solidified my understanding. It can be difficult to find the time alongside work to do the assignments, but planning weekends when I would focus on them really helped me. I’m looking forward to completing the final project and being able to pull together the learnings from across all of the modules. I am confident that I will not only learn a lot through the process but also that it will be a valuable tool for me to use in my day-to-day work once completed.

I would and have recommended the Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership to others. My main piece of advice is to make sure that you have the time to engage with both the contact sessions and the individual work. The value for me has been getting to explore the topics with my incredible cohort and with both the academic and industry experts who spoke to us, and then being able to delve further into specific elements which are most relevant and applicable to me through the individual study element. The level of engagement from everyone on the course both during and in between face-to-face sessions has been the factor which has taken it from a useful course to a learning experience which has changed my way of thinking and working for the better.

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