Rebecca Unitt
Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science

How can behavioural science be used to enhance your businesses? Read our Q&A with Rebecca Unitt, participant on the Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science, for an insight into the knowledge and practical skills she has gained from the course.    

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you're here for today?

I'm Rebecca Unitt and I'm at The Shard today taking the Behavioural Science in the Real World course, as part of the Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science. I decided that I wanted to enhance my learning journey and effectively retrain, get a bit stronger in the area of behavioural science and take that back into my career.

Why did you choose to study the Behavioural Science Diploma at WBS? What attracted you initially? 

I chose to study with WBS because I had already completed another course with WBS, which was a much shorter course, and it had given me a real flavour for the calibre of teaching, the materials, and that really encouraged me to come back for more really, it was a bit of a warmup. I expect that the course is going to have a deep impact in terms of the consulting expertise around customers, employees. Looking at how we can reframe problems in the real world from a behavioural science perspective. I think that it will open up some new doors and new opportunities for me in the workplace.

What have been your personal highlights from the course so far?   

The stand out aspects of the course may have been the teaching, the quality of the teaching and the professors that we've met along the way, as well as the external industry viewpoints that they've brought in. And also, I think the just general applicability of the course to my career.

The course has an incredibly human feel to it. As individuals, we've built up a very strong network and relationships. We've conducted that whilst we've been in person, but also we've been able to keep in touch with each other in between the modules, offer each other peer to peer support on our assignments and really make the most of learning together.

The face to face sessions that we have here really cement the relationships and the network that we've built, coming into contact with each other, hearing about one another's business challenges and problems, and then seeing that alongside the academics, the professors that are able to guide us better in our day to day lives.

Was there a particular day or session that stood out?

This module we're learning all about Behavioural Science in the Real world. So, nudges, paternalism, and how governments and businesses can drive humans to have better more effective behaviour. I'm looking forward to learning about some of the methodologies whereby we can test behavioural science interventions in the real world.

What impact do you think the course will have on your career going forward? 

The programme has given me an understanding of how behavioural science can be applied to real world problems by reframing, reflecting, considering things and different points of view, and combining that with a real academic founding and background to really apply it to the real world. 

Have there been any challenges whilst you have been learning?

Fitting in the study around my home life is definitely one of the challenges that I thought about before taking the course on. But the way I've managed that is by planning. So, with every module taking good steps to work out when I needed to complete the assignments and fitting in work and life around them.

However, I think the course is really structured for someone like me in mind, the way that the modules are laid out and the time in between each module really leaves enough time to make sure you can get the coursework done, but also absorb the content that you've learned about at the same time.

I really love the fact that it’s so flexible. It's enabled me to take a bitesize approach to the modules and manage it alongside my life without overtaking my life. And I think that's been something really appealing about the content. And the people that I've met on the course have also felt the same way.

What has been your experience learning in The Shard?

Learning in The Shard has been a fantastic experience. The facilities here are really accessible and it's a beautiful space to learn, which has really augmented our learning experience. There's lots of different breakout rooms where we've been able to work together as teams. The central location has just been fantastic for access for myself and also for the rest of my cohort that have been traveling from all around the country and in fact all around the world. For me, it's just one train ride away and up you come straight to the Shard - it’s perfect.

What piece of advice would you give someone who is thinking of joining the Behavioural Science Executive Diploma at WBS?

If you're thinking about studying a postgraduate award, just do it! Don't let your barriers hold you back. You definitely won't regret it. I wish someone had said that to me before I was considering it because it's just something I've gotten absolutely no regrets about doing.

Can you describe your experience with the programme so far in three words?

I would sum up my experience here as exciting, challenging and also incredibly invigorating. That's four words!


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