Shaun Lotter
Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership

Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership participant, Shaun Lotter, shares why he chose Warwick Business School and how the programme has enhanced his career. 

In my life, I have been fortunate to experience fantastic work opportunities and have achieved what I believe is a reasonably successful career thus far. Nonetheless, I also felt that I had more to offer and was seeking to make a larger contribution in my surroundings. Through this belief I became curious to finding a learning opportunity to help me grow my leadership abilities and strategic thinking, which would enable me to transition from roles that focused on implementing existing strategies towards roles that focused on developing strategy and leading transformations myself.

I set out looking at various learning options related to strategy or leadership. I was searching for a part-time course that had a high level of recognition and quality, with good networking opportunities, and that was sensibly located to eliminate complicated travel requirements. What I found with the Warwick Executive Diploma was an opportunity that directly linked leadership with strategy, fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements and a little more.

The Executive Diploma has enhanced my career from the very first module. It is structured in such a way that I was able to apply my learnings immediately throughout all 4 modules. Thus, by the time we reached the final module I had already gained much practical experience from the previous learnings. Furthermore, the cohort is of a smaller size which promotes close interaction, strong bonds and excellent opportunities to learn from each other. Although only 15-20 people, it was overflowing with diversity and experience. Located in The Shard, the venue is mesmerizing (with the view and lecturers or guest speakers contending for your attention at times…) and truly symbolises relevance to the modern world.

My Executive Diploma started with self-leadership, going through a series of assessments, and leading into professional 1-2-1 coaching sessions. Through this approach I have established a much better understanding of myself and what motivates me and why I respond the way I do in various situations. This has enabled me to be a much better leader, understanding myself better and recognising where my strengths or weaknesses come to play.

To anyone considering the Executive Diplomas, I would strongly advise to get in contact with Warwick Business School. My journey started by discussing my thoughts and desired outcomes with one of the Business Development Managers, which gave wonderful insights into the courses, a better understanding of the processes and helped me pin down the right course for me. The service and support I got from the Business Development Manager was world class! Additional to having this clear understanding of the programme, I participated in various online events. Through these events I gathered a good picture of the teaching quality, scope and calibre of people involved in the programmes. Through the Executive Diploma I set out to develop and broaden my skillset, to achieve greater impact and career success. I am walking away with a changed mindset, an invaluable network of professionals from across the world and a better understanding of where and how I can make a positive impact on this planet.

The Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership has been relaunched as the Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership & Change. Find out more here.