Yoseph Mamo Azmera
Course participant
Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your career history?

My name is Yoseph Mamo Azmera, I am a 56-year-old physician working in Ethiopia. I qualified as a medical doctor (MD) in 1990, with three years of additional training in Internal Medicine from Addis Ababa University and licensed to practice general internal medicine. I have also participated in a year-long fellowship program in Palliative care at the Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kozhikode, India.

I worked as a general practitioner and later as a resident up to 1999. From 1999 to 2006 I was a faculty member at Jima University Medical School. I have practical experience in training Medical students and residents, research; community-based chronic illness care, as well as HIV/AIDS care programme management. I have published and presented several community-based types of research qualifying for an associate professorship at Jimma University Medical School in 2004. I am currently working as a Senior Consultant for non-Communicable disease decentralization Project of THET in collaboration with Health poverty action and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

What were your personal highlights from the Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare course?

The course was relevant to my experience, whilst being very practical and enjoyable to follow. It always takes you back to look at your own work and evaluate. I liked the audio and visual style of learning and the interviews, which were enjoyable and not so difficult to follow. I was particularly happy with the selection of areas such as human resource, health economics and innovation in health. The instructors were also great.

What was your experience like studying on the my.wbs platform?

It was a good platform and user friendly. You could jump from one chapter or topic to another for review or reference without difficulty.

What impact can you see programme having / has already had on your career and organisation?

It is too early to say anything now but I have gained lot of insight on human resource motivational approaches, innovations on health care and excellent references for financial literacy.

Why should someone join the Leading Strategic Innovation Healthcare course at WBS?

It is an online course and you can do it at your own pace and convenience. It was very relevant to leaders in health particularly to health professionals. It was very practical and enjoyable to follow.

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