Adam Doyle
Admissions Senior Analyst
Global Online MBA (2021-25)

What first attracted you to Warwick Business School?

I was impressed by Warwick Business School’s (WBS) aim to attract the curious and create a culture built for the Change Makers. Knowing that candidates with these qualities would be on the course made the networking potential on WBS’s world leading Global Online MBA especially exciting.

Why did you ultimately choose Warwick Business School for your MBA?

The world number 1 status for WBS’s Global Online MBA was definitely a big attraction for me; the course format also provided the perfect balance between in-person and self-study material, meaning that it could fit around my busy work and family life.

What elements of the programme do you value the most and why? 

Learning from a diverse cohort was a very important element of the MBA for me. I believe you have just as much to learn from the extensive experience of your peers in an MBA as you do from the official MBA content. The Global Online MBA facilitates networking/group work very well and not once have I felt that I am missing out by not studying the MBA on a full-time schedule in person.

What is it like studying for an MBA?

Studying for an MBA is a very enriching and rewarding experience; it is fascinating to see how the teachings can be practically applied after such a short period of time. The emphasis on implementing solutions to real-world problems really makes the MBA stand out from other programmes I have previously studied.

Tell us about the community at Warwick Business School.

My cohort are a diverse and inspirational group of individuals; everyone has such a unique set of experiences and skills, which makes group work and class discussions so fascinating and enriching. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of my peers during Warwick Week one and I already know that I have made some lifelong friends and connections; the relationships I am shaping on the MBA will undoubtedly prove invaluable later on in my career.

What did you hope to get out of our programme?

I have always aspired to start my own company and I believe that the broad range of business fundamentals taught on the MBA will provide me with the core knowledge required to make this aspiration a reality; elective modules such as Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation will also ensure I become proficient in essential practices not normally taught in the professional workplace. I anticipate that the course will allow me to see business challenges from a broader perspective and enable me to really pinpoint where I can make the most prominent, and socially responsible, impact to society.

How did you find the work/life balance?

There are certainly some challenging periods, such as leading up to assessment deadlines; however, the MBA is well structured, meaning you are still able to enjoy a healthy family/social life around your studies. Keeping on top of the work schedule is definitely key to maintaining a good work/life balance.

Do you have any advice for anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA?

Think hard about what you hope to achieve from studying an MBA. If you are going to see the study elements as a chore, then it will be a long and uninspiring two years. An MBA is a very demanding course, and also not cheap, so make sure the course aligns with your future aspirations. If you are confident it is for you, then be ready to jump in with both feet; it is a fascinating and enriching experience, but the true benefit can only be realised if you fully apply yourself. If you are excited about accelerating your career and breaking those glass ceilings, then an MBA is definitely the course for you.