Aldrin Boraine
Consultant Director at Boraine Consulting
Distance Learning MBA (London) (2019-21) (now Global Online MBA)

One of the key reasons for deciding on Warwick Business School for my MBA was the flexibility of the programme. My career is relatively demanding, and I knew that I would not always be able to attend lectures in person. I spent a significant amount of time engaging with various business schools and found that Warwick Business School had the perfect mix of online and face-to-face learning. Furthermore, the quality of the programme based on external ratings played a role in my selection of Warwick Business School. The business school has a good reputation with its MBA ranked very highly in the UK and globally. These rankings were further supported by comments from alumni and existing students at the time of my application.

Studying an MBA is challenging, but extremely rewarding. The course content is interesting and practical, allowing for immediate implementation in the workplace. In addition to the course content, I have enjoyed engaging with a diverse network of students from several countries and industries. The learning from the course and my fellow MBA students over the past nine months has helped me in my corporate career and business, providing a broader perspective and enabling me to better serve my clients.

The careers team at WBS have been phenomenal. When I transitioned from a corporate career to starting a business, I consulted the team and their guidance was extremely valuable. They provided additional resources and perspective on how other students have made similar transitions. Furthermore, I attended several workshops hosted by the careers team and found the content interesting and relevant.

Studying for an MBA, working and managing everyday life can be challenging and will require sacrifice. Despite this, it is one of the most rewarding experiences. Two aspects that have been particularly rewarding is the course content and exposure to thought leaders and students from different industries. It has broadened my knowledge base and perspective, enabling me to better navigate the business environment. I do not have any regrets and I am confident that if you are thinking about studying an MBA, you will not regret it if you do.