Allan Simpson
Strategic Growth & Infrastructure Manager at Anglian Water Services
Distance Learning MBA (2018-20)

For anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA remember - it’s a marathon not a sprint but it will open your mind more than you realise!

I chose to study an MBA at Warwick Business School because it stood out as being relevant and forward looking in an era of increasingly rapid pace of change, their messaging about creating ‘change makers’ resonated with my desire to explore other fields but leverage with what I already know. The timing of the programme, the module content and feel of the WBS all ultimately led to me choosing to study my MBA at WBS. To be honest it was not a difficult decision, WBS stood out a long way and it has the added benefit of being the number one distance learning business school in the world!

Elements of the program that I valued the most were the core modules as they provided an excellent rounded overview of business. The accounting financial management module stood out as introducing me to a completely new skill set – I find myself looking at companies’ annual accounts to find out more about them. I now pick up the FT and think ‘yes, I get this!’.  

Perhaps surprisingly on a distance learning module there is a great supportive network in the cohort. Even remotely people feel safe to ask questions, express views and contribute to discussions. Sitting at home getting through the content you can picture others sitting somewhere else in the world, perhaps even on a beach or in the snow. Meeting people in person at Warwick weeks only adds to this further.  There is a real ‘you’re part of this’ feel to the community at Warwick Business School. The cohort is very supportive and willing to share experiences and advice. I’m not sure whether it is the selection process, the nature of people doing the MBA or the early modules on leadership but everyone has an open mindset that truly creates a stimulating learning environment. I’ve actually ended up making friends all over the world that I know I will keep for life!

Overall studying the MBA has been an enriching experience. Very quickly I found myself contributing to all sorts of discussions in my workplace that had previously been beyond my specialism. Everyone has their own way of engaging on the course but for me it has taught me to be efficient and structured with my time, so that I can keep up with the rhythm of the course. The accessibility of the content is beyond my expectations, so even if you are on the go and traveling it is easy to log on, even by smartphone, to review some of the course content. 

For me the course has broadened my horizons and I know it will lead to exciting opportunities. My current plan is to seek more leadership opportunities with my employer but there are many people with creative business ideas in the cohort so I have not ruled out joining a start up in a completely different field!