Amy Reeve
Director of Business Development at Flex
Distance Learning MBA (2018-20) (now Global Online MBA)

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am 32 years old, living just outside London and working for ExxonMobil the oil company. I have worked for ExxonMobil for just over 10 years, and after living abroad with them for many years, moved back to the UK just over 18 months ago and decided the time was right to undertake an MBA.

Why did you ultimately choose Warwick Business School for your MBA?

I chose Warwick Business School for its reputation as one of the best Universities in the world, and specifically the number 1 ranking of the Distance Learning MBA. I travel considerably for work, and also never know what country my next job will be in, so it was incredibly important for me to undertake a distance learning MBA so I could continue my studies no matter what my work life brought.

What elements of the programme do you value the most and why?

The distance learning program set up is fantastic. I have done lessons and lectures on trains, planes and in airports! The format makes undertaking an MBA, while having an extremely hectic travel schedule for work, possible. However, perhaps most important is the cohort. The learning, support and encouragement from fellow students who are going through the same as you is incredible.

What is it like studying for an MBA?

Incredibly challenging, and incredibly rewarding. I probably underestimated the work load involved at the beginning of the program, however the learning opportunities, practical applications and unbelievable network I have built with fellow students, who I now call my friends, across the world is worth the effort.

Do you have any advice for anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA?

I encourage anyone thinking about studying for an MBA to go for it! Yes, it will be a lot of work on top of your existing work, family, and friend commitments. However, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.