Ana Valdespino
VP Marcoms Americas (Latin America and Canada), Nielsen
Distance Learning MBA (2020-24) (now Global Online MBA)

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm a passionate marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in B2B Marketing. Currently, work as VP of Marketing and Communications for Americas at Nielsen. I have a specialisation in Digital Marketing from Emeritus and Columbia University and several certifications in social media, including LinkedIn Social Selling and TikTok Academy.

I'm also an industry speaker expert. In the last three years have participated in relevant marketing and business conferences, including the Women World Economic Forum (2019) and IAB Edu Live Latin America (2021). I've appeared in over 600 quotes on media outlets and wrote articles for the leading business magazines in Mexico, including Mujer Ejecutiva and Expansion. Finally, in 2021 I won the Leading Women in Mexico award given by AdLatina and AdAge (only 16 professional women receive it each year). 

Why did you ultimately choose Warwick Business School for your MBA?

My goal is to prepare myself to be a global leader. The program at Warwick seemed right for me because it allowed me to network with people from different countries and have modules outside of Mexico. Also, Warwick Business School’s ranking played a considerable role in my decision making process.

What elements of the programme do you value the most and why? 

After experiencing the Warwick Week on Warwick University Campus, I must say that I value this opportunity for personal interaction during the online programme. Not only because of the relevance of the content provided by the professors but also because of the exchange of ideas that happened outside the classroom. I was lucky to be part of a cohort full of intelligent and experienced professionals that want to make a positive change in the world.

What is it like studying for an MBA?

Challenging but rewarding. Some modules have pushed me entirely out of my comfort zone others gave me a theoretical point of view of things that I learned to do in a practical way. All the modules have given me valuable information that I’ve applied to improve myself as a professional, leader, and human being.

Have you taken part in a project for an external organisation? 

As a side activity, I give marketing consultancy for small social enterprises that want to impact Latin American communities. Many things that I apply in the consultancy come from mixing my experience with the theory and strategy that I’ve learned the MBA modules.

Do you have any advice for anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA?

I’ll say go for it. It is one of the best decisions that I’ve made because it gives you an overview of all the business elements, which helps you build your strategic thinking.

It also allows you to connect with diverse individuals who enrich the content of the programme with their own experiences.

Another piece of advice for future MBA students is to be open to learn and re-learn every day during the MBA program. We might do things differently in our current jobs, but studying and analysing problems with fresh eyes and new theories ultimately helps you to grow.