Anjuli Rebelo
Distance Learning MBA

The pleasure of getting to know and collaborate with people from different ethnicities, all tied together with the desire to learn, has been a highlight of my Distance Learning MBA journey. It has been a truly extraordinary, enriching and rewarding experience to have the opportunity to work with such diversity and it has broadened my horizons internationally, resulting in the beginnings of a global professional network. Looking at problems with fresh eyes resulted in new theories, personal growth and wider perspectives. I learnt a vast amount from my cohort.

The course content is both challenging and engaging and there is ample opportunity to deep dive into areas of interest with plenty of MBA specialisations to choose from. I was inspired by modules that I thought were not necessarily going to be my cup of tea. Plus, I have learnt to perform evidence-based analysis work, present the findings in a concise manner, and make recommendations based off objective findings.

There was plenty of flexibility to work to my own schedule due to the distance learning format. I was easily able to slot in study time along my career, although periods coming up to deadlines were still challenging, requiring me to stay on top of the workload. The support and interaction from the professors and staff, meant that I did not feel like I was missing out by not attending the MBA on a full-time schedule in person.

The MBA programme has made me evaluate many aspects of myself and lifestyle. Increased earning potential aside, the emphasis on management skills and leadership has enhanced my career and given me the confidence to explore new opportunities with improved professional credibility. It has been a very worthwhile investment that resulted in practical knowledge that I could put to effective use immediately. A global course that has given me global standing.

I hope many people realise that an MBA has a positive impact on your career and personal growth at any age and decide to take the plunge. A word of warning to those who do – be prepared to work hard.