Ariya Sotthithammarak
Portfolio & Inventory Management (B2C - Sourcing) at Shopee
Full-time MBA (2018-19)

I can say that doing MBA at Warwick Business School is one of my best decisions I have made!

I decided to pursue Full-time MBA abroad with objectives to utilise the platform to (1) find out what I actually want to do, (2) explore to career progression and broader alternatives, and (3) make valuable connection with talents from all over the world. When I made decision to do full-time MBA in the UK, several options came to my mind. Everybody has different criteria for selecting school. To me, not only robust academic contents mattered, but the aspects of career support and leadership development are even more important to choose a good fit with my requirement. Warwick Business School attract me most by offering those comprehensive development programmes. WBS has a strong reputation of academic record and ranked in the top 50 of Global Full time MBA by Financial times. WBS, itself, provided incredibly high quality of career services and leadership programs. They also pay attention to the diverse cohort in terms of nationality, culture, professional background and experience to fulfill the class diversity, which made the classroom more interactive and encouraged great learning experiences.

When the programme started in late September 2018, the realities were far beyond what I had expected prior to arriving in the UK.  The first week was filled with “boot-camp” activities which provided opportunities to meet and get to know classmates in the cohort.  Our cohort complemented by 116 talents from 39 countries represented with different professional backgrounds, diverse work experiences, and various cultures. Working with people from all over the word is a truly amazing experience in my opinion, it challenges the way I think, the way I interact with others, and the way I approach situations. Even though almost all of an MBA students time is committed to intense lectures, challenging assignments, syndicate group meeting, and pre-reading case studies, we still manage to arrange extra activities and spend time together. The diversity itself made MBA more worthwhile. It is the safe environment for me to challenge myself, try new approaches, and learn from mistakes to grow further. I have plenty of opportunities to learn about others from the large diversity of the cohort whilst, most importantly, learn about myself. This is a great opportunity that I could not find anywhere else. If I am afraid to change, I would never find a better version of myself as I am today.

Studying Full-time MBA required wholehearted commitment since the application phase until graduation. At the time you think of pursuing next stage in full-time MBA, deep research is required to ensure that you make the right choice that serve your ultimate career goal and personal development. Doing full-time MBA is a big investment since you have to leave your job and live in a new country without income for a year whilst not even know yet what it is going to be after graduation. Therefore, careful consideration is essential. I would suggest anyone who is considering doing an MBA to set your personal goal on what you actually expect to get from one-year period and select the best fit option to meet your requirements. The clear objective will drive your actions toward the destination.