Bastián Osorio
Full-time MBA (2022 - 2023)

My name is Bastián Osorio, and I come from Santiago, Chile, more than 11,000 kilometres away from the UK. It's been more than six months since I arrived at Heathrow - time flies!

Let me tell you, this journey has been an incredible adventure that has not only enhanced my professional skills but has also helped me grow as an individual. Coming to a foreign land from halfway across the world is like diving into unknown waters. Everything is new - the language, the culture, the people, the routines, and the surprises that come along the way. But you know what? That's what makes it so thrilling!

I live in a house with six awesome people studying at WBS; they are from Morocco, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. And guess what? We've got a cool thing going on here! We often share delicious food from our home countries, help each other out with learning new languages, and sometimes relax with our favourite drinks. It's a fun and vibrant household that I am grateful to be a part of.

In the MBA, the current group of students is quite diverse, with 38 different nationalities represented. It's impressive and speaks to the diversity of our program. I find it fascinating that every time I interact with my classmates, I am stunned by the richness of their stories, cultures, and experiences. Diversity is one of the school's core values, and you can see that in every class and event.

For me, the most thrilling module so far has been Strategic Thinking and Innovation. What makes it so exciting is the opportunity to analyse case studies from various global companies and engage in insightful discussions. The class is full of professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds who approach complex challenges from different angles, sharing their unique viewpoints. It's an enriching learning experience that I feel fortunate to be a part of. The level of engagement and intellectual curiosity among my classmates is genuinely inspiring.

One of my highlights so far was the networking event at The Shard in London. The class had the chance to have an exciting conversation about the market, the challenges the world is going through, and the future with professionals from the world's most prestigious companies.

Another highlight was a trip that I did with some friends to Manchester. We had some fish & chips, and got to go to Old Trafford and watch a Manchester United game. Unbelievable day!

As I'm currently in the middle of my MBA program, there are still numerous possibilities to explore and learn from. In the upcoming months, I have an exciting international trip planned to Finland to discover the world of Design Thinking. Additionally, I'll be taking electives in Finance, Strategy, and Digital Transformation, which I'm eagerly expecting. As the summer season approaches, and the days grow longer, I'm excited about the new opportunities that will come my way, allowing me to further expand my knowledge and explore the world around me.

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