Bianca Machado
EU Markets Talent Acquisition Partner at SumUp
Full-time MBA (2019-20)

What first attracted me to Warwick Business School was how the business school was achieving higher rankings year after year. The course curriculum had more strategic courses instead of general business courses like other business schools were offering. Ultimately, I chose WBS because of the great feedback I heard from some alumni about the programme and their experience here at WBS, plus received amazing support from the Recruitment team. They made me feel special and were extremely caring. It was completely different from other business schools I had applied to.

The elements of the programme that I value the most are the diverse cohort, the challenges we have to face, and the support from the CareerPlus team. I have been learning so much with ideas and inputs from people with different professional experiences, cultures, and backgrounds. The lectures are really interesting when we share our different experiences that relate to the topic we are discussing. Also, I feel that I am constantly being challenged, and I love it! Dealing with different issues, improving my interpersonal skills, time management, conflict management…here, you do not only learn with the lectures. Lastly, the CareerPlus Team is extremely helpful to get you onboard with what you need to do and work on to search for your dream job!